Lindy Barber Leaves Rich Froning’s CrossFit Mayhem Team

Veteran Lindy Barber is out.

Lindy Barber Retires from CrossFit Mayhem

“I have never been someone who makes the “popular” decision, the “right” decision or the “expected” decision. I chose to lift again after being told I couldn’t when I broke my back. I chose to leave grad school after being told it would ruin my future. I chose to quit playing soccer after being told that I was giving up on my dream- and I choose to leave Cookeville after winning my second “Fittest on Earth” title with my team. I am someone who has always made the decision that I felt was right for me- no matter what. And it has always been a very hard decision.

While that has never been completely understood in the moment by those around me, it has always proven to be the right decision for my life’s path. It has always led me to happiness and good things that enhance my life’s value. This life is full of excitement and opportunities that I do my best to take full advantage of.

I love the life that I have and created so far. I am so excited for my future and the adventures I have ahead of me, and I can’t wait to bring y’all along for the ride 🙂 #1,000thpost #stillnotgonnatellyouyet #?”

What do you think Lindy Barber is leaving?


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