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Masters Athlete Rescued During Event 5 of the 2021 CrossFit Games

71-year-old Ted Leger, the oldest Masters athlete to ever compete at the CrossFit Games, got into a spot of trouble during Event 5 on the second day of competition.

During the event — which for the 65+ Masters was a 300-meter swim — paramedic Tricia Fleming and Firefighter Ricardo Roman noticed one competitor spluttering in the water some 150 meters offshore.

“That’s when I saw it in his eyes,” Fleming recalled. “And I looked at him and heard him yell, ‘Help!’ He was going down.”

Age Group athletes across divisions were staggered into the water to complete the event cross Madison’s Lake Monona. Lifeguards and medical staff were stationed on paddleboards along the course, able to help anyone who might have problems completing the swim.

Only Fleming seemed to notice Ledger’s blue swim cap bobbing up and down in the water, so she jumped in without hesitation to help the athlete, who took a little time to recover before being checked back on dry land by paramedics.

Fleming has been volunteering at the CrossFit Games since 2017, although this is her first year on the medical team. She is also a CrossFitter, and knows its important to be physically fit to do this job

“These athletes work hard all year long, and we look at them as role models for us, being in CrossFit,” Fleming said. “To be able to give back to them is amazing.”

The CrossFit Games could not go on without all the volunteers, paramedics, judges, and other staff; and this is a great example of why.

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