Dave Castro Confirms that Brooke Wells Dislocated her Arm During Horrific Accident

More information about Brooke's injury.

Dave Castro talked to Sevan Matossian about what happened to Brooke Wells during IE12 at the CrossFit Games.

During the final event last night Brooke was rushed off the competition floor after a 190lb snactch attempt by the CrossFit medical staff after the lift below.

She went into the event in 6th place.

CrossFit issued the following statement:

“Individual athlete Brooke Wells has been medically withdrawn from competition. Wells has been cleared for release by the CrossFit medical team and is returning to her accommodations.”

Event 12 – 1RM Snatch

Information from CrossFit “Athletes will be called up to the first two platforms based on current competition standings, from last to first.

The first two athletes will have 20 seconds to lift the first load. If they are successful, they will move to the designated area. If they are unsuccessful, they will move to meet a judge at the tie-break area. When all athletes have attempted the weight, the unsuccessful athletes will race to complete 3 squat snatches, then sprint to the finish platform to determine the tie break. 

The weight on the platforms will then be increased. The next round will begin in the same fashion. When the field of athletes has been reduced to 10 or less, athletes will lift one at a time on the large platform, and the lifting window will extend to 30 seconds.

Athletes will continue lifting and racing for tie breaks until all athletes have established a rank.

If only 1 athlete misses at a weight they do not have to complete the tie-break race.”

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