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Norwegian Sanctionals Event Proposing Big Changes for 2020 CrossFit Season

The Norwegian CrossFit Championship is one of the most unique CrossFit competitions on the planet, combining artful programming, an incredible atmosphere and the most stunning natural environments that you will ever work out in.

Source: Norwegian CrossFit Championship

They are trying to find practical ways to simplify and improve the progression for athletes to the 2020 CrossFit Games and create an event, open to all, that will be something special to watch and participate in.

The Norwegian CrossFit Championship, with its forward-thinking attitude, has decided to use the Open as the qualifier for their event in 2020.

  • DATES: 14 – 16 Feb, 2020
  • PLACE: Norwegian Winter Paradise in Gol, Norway

The winners of the Individual Elite and Team Elite divisions will win an invitation to CROSSFIT® Games 2020 in Madison, Wisconsin.

The main partner of the Event is Scandinavian company NOCCO, both are working together to support the region.

All the expert programming will be created and provided by Games Athlete Phil Hesketh from Prepared Programming.


The results from the Open will be used to determine whether athletes will qualify for The Norwegian CrossFit Championship or not.


Individual athletes and teams will still need to register separately through The Norwegian CrossFit Championship event page and then submit their scores from The Open. This has the added advantage of allowing athletes to not have to complete any additional qualifiers.

The Open for the 2020 CrossFit season will begin in October.

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Winners of the Butcher’s Classic in Denmark and The Tyngre Tango in Sweden will receive wild cards to compete at The Norwegian CrossFit Championship.


Previously the Norwegian Throwdown, Director Roger Nilsson and his team made the commitment to step up this already excellent competition to an official CrossFit Sanctionals® Event for the 2020 season.


The Norwegian CrossFit Throwdown is helping to streamline and simplify the process for athletes amidst the changing landscape of CrossFit as a sport. 3 other European CrossFit Sanctionals® will also use the Open as a way to allow athletes to qualify for their events. These are:

  • CrossFit Strength in Depth
  • CrossFit French Throwdown
  • Reykjavik CrossFit Championship

The Norwegian CrossFit Championship is paving the way for the future of the Sport of Fitness.


Another great aspect of The Norwegian CrossFit Throwdown is that it is open to athletes of all abilities.

  • Individual
  • Team (2 women, 2 men)
  • Individual Masters 30-39
  • Individual Masters 40+

Whatever your age or experience level, there is a chance you could compete at a CrossFit Sanctionals® Event.

The organisers at The Norwegian CrossFit Championship want to build the community and involve smaller events to create regional focus on Scandinavia. This is further augmented by partnering with NOCCO, another Scandinavian company.


There will be a community division open for athletes with no more than a single year of CrossFit experience under their belts.

As Roger Nilsson Explains: “As a guide, this would be your first or possibly second live competition if you plan on competing in The Community division.”

The following places from the Open will qualify and receive invites to the 2020 Norwegian CrossFit Championship.

  • Open places 1-20
  • Scaled places 1-20


Whether you want to compete or spectate, the location and experience will be unforgettable.


The competition floor, warm-up area and athlete indoor area consist of 3000m2, and the spectator areas provide great views to watch the action and athletes. Everything from your hotel room to the spa, night club and competition floor is all located in the same place.



Norway is one of the most ruggedly beautiful countries in the world. The cold, clear seas, rivers and lakes contrast with awe inspiring mountains, views and trails through the wilderness.


Why not combine a trip to The Norwegian CrossFit Championship with a longer visit to the country itself? Norway has one of the highest standards of living in the world, healthy food, vibrant cities and unchartered territories waiting to be explored. Take your fitness into the wild and make time to see the Northern Lights as well.


The Norwegian CrossFit Championship is undoubtedly a fitness experience that you will never forget, whether you are competing or not. With their passionate and driven Director Roger Nilsson, and a forward-thinking attitude, they are committed to creating a positive path for the future of CrossFit.

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