Snatch CrossFit Workouts
Source: CrossFit Inc

5 Fixes for your Olympic Lifting Technique

Improve your Olympic lifts with the solutions to these five common problems

2. Snatch, losing the bar behind: muscle snatch

Mini heart attack anyone? I hate backwards escapes and I HATE when people refuse to jump away and turn to face the bar! YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PRACTICE YOUR ESCAPES!!!

That being said, if you’re going to fully commit to a lift and have no fear, it’s gonna happen. One of the main causes can simply be down to the bar path, any major deviation from a straight line will cause you to have to work harder to pull the bar back in on yourself, therefore making extra work for yourself – and no one likes that. The muscle snatch is good for getting you to keep the bar close and help you to visualise what should be happening on the way down, great for warm ups too! Just make sure that you don’t start to develop an early arm pull, it is an assistance exercise not a part of the movement!

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