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5 Fixes for your Olympic Lifting Technique

5. Olympic lifting technique – Jerk, push presses, forward bar path: weight in heels!

I say weight in heels with caution, you need to be thinking about loading the hips and having all of the foot on the ground and maintaining a nice, upright torso! This is probably THE most common error especially when it comes to PR time, that slight shift in weight can have dramatic effects with heavy loads! And no, a strength program won’t fix it. Your dip and drive should not resemble the loading process for a box jump, the goal is not to jump forward but more to accelerate vertical force. I would definitely recommend filming your footwork when you’re doing jerks and practice, practice, practice until you never want to jerk again… Then practice some more and you might start getting somewhere!

One more tip I would like to give to all that have made it this far is the secret to everything, the holy grail of weightlifting as it where. “Weight is irrelevant, the bar is eternal” you are always going to get stronger, your numbers are always going to go up and down but no matter what, you’ll always have a barbell in your hands, if you know how to feel the bar and own every position then your development as a lifter will be a smooth one, leave anything to chance, and then you’re guessing!

I wish you all the best on your weightlifting journey and if you have any questions or any videos you would even like to send for feedback just head over to my coach page and give it a like!

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