Out of the Box – The First Documentary About Culture, CrossFit And Travel

A year on from the announcement of the inclusion of National Champions at the CrossFit Games and HQ’s shift in focus back to the community, Out of the Box, a documentary celebrating the culture, history and CrossFit scene in Asia, is set to be released on iTunes on February 18.

Passionate about what the variety could bring to the sport and hungry to learn more about talented athletes that didn’t get much media attention, Amit Tripuraneni set off on a mission to document the different cultures surrounding many Asian countries, and how CrossFit fits in within each of them.

Such a beautiful travel series with a CrossFit focus hasn’t been done before. While the focus in most CrossFit documentaries usually lies around a competition or spotlights top athletes, Out of the Box is a fascinating, honest and down-to-earth journey through six Asian cities, culminating at the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin.

It follows affiliates, Box owners and its athletes, painting a very human angle on the actual challenges and ideologies the CrossFit enthusiasts and the communities face in Manila, Hanoi, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Shanghai.

Out of the Box TaipeiSource: Out of the Box
Expats and locals train together at CrossFit Ba Ke Si in Taipei.

Out of the Box champions the every-day athlete and, above all, the affiliate owners; people leading the charge for a healthier and more active society in each community.

“If I look at it from my personal experience, most of my inspirational people in CrossFit are people who are way older than me and doing amazing stuff. Being able to stay healthy and fit, and being strong and being able to do stuff just like it’s nothing, it’s so empowering.” said Amit, the filmmaker and CrossFit coach behind the documentary.

“When I look around most of the gyms it’s a mixed bag of people; people who come in for the first time and get the first rope climb, it’s a huge achievement and they’re not going to compete, but for them it’s a major victory. Stuff like that is so empowering.

“Those are the things I want to be able to show, because that is what CrossFit actually is. Obviously, the competition and the Elite athletes are absolutely essential, […] it does inspire people, but it’s a wholistic thing. You can’t exclude competitive CrossFit and you can’t just have the gym side of things. I think both really coexist and they feed of each other quite nicely.”

When it comes to the CrossFit Games, Out of the Box gives context to the National Champion’s lives and illustrates how each place affects the way its athletes train, work, live and compete.

What is the CrossFit scene in Asia like? What is the health scene like in the Philippines? What health challenges are faced by China? And how do all these countries manage with all the amazing food on offer in the region? Are all questions the documentary delves into.

Out of the Box ShanghaiSource: Amit Tripuraneni

What started off as a CrossFit, culture and travel series is now the first CrossFit feature length documentary that showcases the everyday CrossFitters of the sport’s international community. Out of the Box gives a more rounded view of CrossFit than ever presented before and immerses viewers in the history and beauty of countries lesser known in the CrossFit scene.

“We are very prejudiced as human beings – and I’ve got my own prejudices – and prejudice happens when we don’t understand the culture and we put people in boxes because it’s so easy. It [Out of the Box] was a way for me to open my own mind but also open other people’s minds by showing that the struggles and the triumphs are very similar in every single culture.

“That was the aim making Out of the Box,” said Amit.

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Travel across Asian cities to explore food, culture and CrossFit and find out what goes on Outside the Box.

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