11 Pull Up Variations Every Athlete Needs to Know

3. Chest to Bar Pull Up

Chest to bar pull-ups are the ‘next step’ up from chin-over-bar pull-ups. They are more challenging and frequently programmed in WOD’s. Your collar bone or below needs to contact the bar for the rep to count.

4. Hammer Grip – Pull-Up Variations

Also known as a parallel grip, with this move you do a pull-up while your palms face each other. Many gyms don’t have the right pull-up bar style to accommodate this move, but the Pullup & Dip bar does. On the Pullup & Dip, use the two bars protruding from the front.

A hammer grip pull-up is harder than chin-up but easier than a pull-up. It’s ideal if you have weak shoulders or have injured your shoulders in the past. This neutral grip puts less strain on the shoulders and reduces the pressure on your wrists. Athletes also love the hammer grip because it emphasizes the biceps, making it perfect for arm day.

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