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Perfect Quick 10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs

Chisel your abs in only 10 minutes.

Try this quick ab workout for 6 pack abs if you are short on time but want to improve your fitness and health. It has been designed by Jeff from ATHLEAN-X.

“If you have been looking for a 10 min ab workout that you can follow along with and get 6 pack abs without needing equipment, then this is the routine for you. With just 8 ab exercises and some room on the floor of your living room you can start to sculpt six pack abs with this one easy to follow ab workout.”

The Science of Abs Training

“As always with ATHLEAN-X ab workouts, I’m following the science of ab training and progressing the ab exercises in a specific sequence. Generally, since lower abs exercises are most difficult to perform (due to the added weight of the legs that you need to lift) we want to put them at the beginning of the workout. Next, movements that move both the legs and the shoulders off the floor are best placed in the middle of the ab workouts. Finally, when most fatigued, the oblique exercises and those that work the upper abs are best placed at the end of the workout.”

resistance band ab exercises Core Exercises for Lower Back Pain Perfect Quick 10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack AbsSource: CrossFit Inc

“Here you will find exactly that. Let’s take a look at the ab workout and what ab exercises you’ll be doing in the next 10 minutes.”

10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs

“Remember, if you cannot last for the entire 45 seconds you may perform the exercise for as long as you can. Your rest time will simply increase between exercises. If you can, attempt to complete all of the movements in this 6 pack abs workout for the entire prescribed time and keep your rest times to that of the video demonstration.”

  • Crescent Tucks x 45 seconds (Rest 15 seconds)
  • Backward 7’s x 45 seconds (Rest 15 seconds)
  • Swipers x 45 seconds (Rest 15 seconds)
  • Side Cycle Left x 45 seconds (Rest 15 seconds)
  • Side Cycle Right x 45 seconds (Rest 15 seconds)
  • Mountain Hip Dips x 45 seconds (Rest 15 seconds)
  • Frog V-Ups x 45 seconds (Rest 15 seconds)
  • Side Scissor Crunch Left x 45 seconds (Rest 15 seconds)
  • Side Scissor Crunch Right x 45 seconds (Rest 15 seconds)
  • Corpse Crunch x 45 seconds

10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs – Lower Ab Exercises

“When performing the three lower ab exercises in the beginning you want to make sure you are thinking about lifting your pelvis off the ground rather than just lifting your legs. Too often, people will engage their hip flexors rather than their abdominal muscles in an attempt to complete a rep of an exercise. This winds up just tiring our the psoas and not the rectus abdominis, which is not the goal of an effective ab workout routine.”

man performs kettlebell tricep exercises

10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs – Training the Obliques

“When training the obliques, be careful not to pull on your head and neck too much. The key here is to lightly place your hand on your head and lift with the strength of the oblique muscles. Crunch your elbow to your knee and feel every contraction as you do.”

10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs – Attacking the Upper Abs

“The last exercise, the corpse crunch, is designed to work the upper abs most. Here you want to focus on getting full clearance of your shoulder blades off the floor. At the top of every rep, squeeze your abs for a brief count of 1-2 seconds and lower back down slowly. You will really feel your abs burn if you do this properly, especially at this point in the ab workout.”

Notes for Beginners

“Beginners may perform this workout for abs for as long as they can do each exercise. Even if the first few times through you can only do 10 to 15 seconds of each movement, that’s ok. Keep trying to increase the length of time that you can do the exercises and increase your ab strength each time.”

Intermediate Level

“If you are more of an intermediate or novice level, see if you can get through all 10 minutes of this ab workout for 6 pack abs without failing. The rest times are about 15 seconds long. If you need any additional time to rest, you may simply press pause and resume once your muscles have had a chance to briefly recover and you feel you are ready to move on.”

Combine with an Intelligent Nutrition Plan

“The key to any ab workout producing a ripped 6 pack is to make sure you are also following a smart nutrition plan. Too often, people will consistently perform the workout for abs that they saw on youtube but not pay attention to what they are putting in their mouth. In order to lose belly fat you have to look to improve your diet first every single time.”

Video – 10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs

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Muscles of the core and abs

The eight abdominal muscles of the core and abs are important for supporting the spine and torso. These muscles can also help with movement of the arms, legs, and head.

The muscles that make up the core are divided into three groups based on their location:

  • The transverse abdominis is found deep within your abdomen, just below your belly button.
  • The rectus abdominis is made up of two sections: one that runs vertically along each side of your abdomen (lateral) and one that runs horizontally from front to back (medial).
  • The external obliques lie just beneath your skin on each side of your midsection (one above each pubic bone); these muscle fibers run diagonally down from underarm to pelvis bone when viewed from above.”

10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs – Transverse abdominis

Transverse abdominis (TVA) is the deepest of the abdominal muscles, located beneath your obliques on either side of your waistline. This deep muscle helps support your lower back and pelvis while creating compression in the abdomen to help with stability and control. To find it, draw a line between your left and right hip bones. The TVA is underneath that line on both sides.

10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs – Rectus abdominis

The rectus abdominis is the muscle that makes your stomach look flat when you flex. It helps with flexion and extension, especially when the abs are contracted.

When you do a sit-up or any kind of crunch, it is this muscle that you feel working to bring your torso up towards your rib cage. The rectus abdominis also works with the transverse abdominis to support the spine during exercise and daily activities like lifting heavy objects or bending over to pick something up off the floor.

Its other name is “the six pack” because it has six parts to it: two in each side of your lower abdomen (that run parallel to one another) and two more that run vertically along either side of your midsection (one on each side).

10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs – External obliques

The external obliques are responsible for twisting the torso, as well as side bending. They also contribute to flexion, lateral flexion and rotation of the spine.

The external obliques run from the lower ribs to the pelvis and assist in lateral flexion of the spine (bending from side to side).

Internal obliques

Internal obliques are located on the side of the body. Their primary functions are rotation of the torso, flexing and rotating of the spine, bending to the side, and assisting with respiration by supporting and lifting ribs when we inhale.

Conclusion – 10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs

The abs are a group of muscles that are located in your abdomen. The different types of abdominal muscles play a vital role in maintaining the stability of your core, which helps you perform daily activities and athletic movements such as running or jumping.

Add this 10 Minute Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs into your training.

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