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Ricky Garard and Guilherme Malheiros Withdraw from Wodapalooza

Both athletes were considered major contenders for the podium this weekend.

Ricky Garard and Guilherme Malheiros will not be competing at Wodapalooza 2022 this weekend. Both athletes had to withdraw at the last minute.

Garard and Malheiros were considered big contenders to finish on the podium at Wodapalooza 2022, but that possibility is now out of the window. Both athletes had to withdraw from Wodapalooza for different reasons.

You can watch all the action from Wodapalooza here.

Garard Covid + Food Poisoning = No Wodapalooza

Ricky Garard explained that he contracted COVID 2 weeks ago and, despite having recovered from the virus, he got food poisoning the night before Wodapalooza started.

“After being hit hard by Covid 2 weeks ago and still struggling to breathe properly in training as it is, to now having food poisoning the night before Wodapalooza. It kills me to do this as I’m not one to go out without a fight but unfortunately me and my team have decided the safest option for my health and longevity is to withdraw from the competition,” he wrote.

Garard withdraws from Wodapalooza

Guilherme Malheiros Inflammation

Guilherme Malheiros also explained in a Q&A on his Instagram stories the reason for him not competing at Wodapalooza 2022 this weekend. When a fan asked if Malheiros was still competing at Wodapalooza, the Brazilian athlete told the bad news.

“I’m very sorry about it. I’m undergoing a treatment of an inflammatory process. So I couldn’t risk my season competing this weekend. I really tried to heal it up as fast as I could. But it didn’t happen,” he wrote.

Malheiros withdraws from Wodapalooza

In another Instagram stories, Malheiros did not want to specify the inflammation details and asked people not to focus on that, but that he will come back strong for the Open.

This decision is last minute, as both athletes travelled to Miami to compete, but decided it would be best to sit this competition out and get stronger and healthier for the Open which is in six weeks.

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