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7 Qualities of Successful CrossFit Athletes – How Many do you Have?

While for many pressure presents a threat they are trying to avoid, for the successful CrossFit athletes, it simply means enhanced concentration, motivation and an enjoyment of the road to the Crossfit goals they set for themselves.

So what are the habits you need to develop in order to climb up all the way up to the peak of your ‘success mountain’? Take a look:

1. A healthy athlete is a successful athlete.

Although performance and WOD scores are the ultimate goal of every competitive Crossfit athlete, health should be a huge priority. You can’t improve if you keep getting injured. Even small injuries bring setbacks, slower progress and weaknesses that in a sport as diverse as functional fitness, can lead to a decrease performance output and lower overall results. I’d like to argument this fact with a quote from Andrea Massi (famous coach to a 2-time Sochi Olympic gold medalist in alpine skiing Tina Maze):

Training should be designed in a way that even professional athletes can finish their career healthy.’

AnnieSource: CrossFit Inc

2. Successful CrossFit Athletes listen to their coaches.

Trust is a virtue that needs to develop in any coach – competitor relationship. As an athlete you have to realize that a coach can evaluate your current state and performance much more objectively, because their opinion is not fuelled with emotional triggers that often lead us to over-do things. The best Crossfit athletes trust their coaches and follow their programme without ego-driven opinions.

male athlete snatch successful Crossfit athletesSource: High Intensity Photography
Snatching during competition

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