Rory Mckernan Has Been Fired from CrossFit® Inc

Mckernan has been let go.

Rory Mckernan, a veteran CrossFit® staff member of 9 years, was one member within another group of individuals that have been fired from the company. He was one of the most enduring faces of the CrossFit update show, presenter of the Open announcements and a regular commentator at events all around the world. 

According to Armen Hammer and Justin LoFranco, that brings the rough total of layoffs from the company to 80 – 100 employees in the last 6 months. 

Tyson Oldroyd, a key figure in CrossFit® Inc was also fired. 

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The spectacle was beautiful, the test was true, the coordinated hard work by dozens of teams who needed to stay in synch was near perfect, and the pure grit displayed by the best athletes in the world was nothing short of inspirational. That said, with my 11th Games now in the books, my favorite part was still what these gatherings truly represent, and that’s that we are a global community made up of exceptional human beings who are bonded by a commitment to healthy living. I walk away from this year’s Games more proud than ever to call myself a CrossFitter. To each person I was lucky enough to work with, thank you so much for the amazing effort. You know who you are. #crossfit #crossfitgames 📸 @martinflowersss

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Justin went on to write:

“Oldroyd, also a former member of the L1 Seminar Staff, had a hand in coordinating and producing a significant portion of CrossFit Inc.’s media efforts during his tenure, ranging from core instructional content to the Fittest on Earth documentaries.”

CrossFit are continuing to outsource their media coverage of CrossFit Sanctionals® and related events.

Dave Castro is still a member of the CrossFit® team, and will continue to program events for The Open and The 2019 CrossFit Games. With the changes to the Open announcements this year, he has declined to post any clues about the workouts, a fun and popular part of the build up in the previous years.