The Ultimate Abs Workout (Hard but Highly Effective)

Enhance your core strength.

Check out the ultimate abs workout from Jeff at Athlean X.

The Ultimate Abs Workout

“When I set out to create the ultimate abs workout program I had lots to consider.  There were hundreds of ab exercises to choose from, and more importantly, even more ways to perform them.  To come up with the ultimate ab workout routine I had to determine the best way to tax your abs while mixing in many new styles of training that your abs weren’t already used to.”

fitness trainer relaxes after performing best abs exercises The Ultimate Abs Workout

“In this video, I show you the first complete ultimate abs workout.  This ab workout contains weighted ab work as well as longer time under tension for the many different ab exercises by using one and a half rep style training.  The key to getting your abs to respond to your training is to stop doing the same old ab exercises when you train them.”

The Ultimate Abs Workout

“Far too often, people get comfortable using the same 4 or 5 ab exercises in their ab training and it quickly leads to what I call stale abs.  If you want to spark all new development from your ab workouts you need to present challenges to your core that your body isn’t already used to.  One and a half reps do just that.”

“As you can see, it’s much harder to complete a rep of an ab exercise when you have to stop your momentum mid-exercise and get it going back in the original direction.  This demands that you have killer core strength and control.  You then have to have the power to reinitiate the movement back in the intended direction.  This has the overall effect of lengthening your time under tension and helping to make your abs do more work.”

The Ultimate Abs Workout

“The weighted ab workouts are just as important to overall ab development.  Many times, people will complain of having flat abs…abs that don’t pop out or have the appearance of a six pack.  Combined with proper nutrition, it is smart to overload your abs in some way if you want them to pop.  This combo in the beginning of the workout is perfect for achieving this.”

Video – The Ultimate Abs Workout

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