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Top 7 Glutes Exercises for Women (Look GOOD and Get STRONG with 35 Variations)

Grow your glutes...

The Glute Guru has put together his “list of lists”, and the top 7 glute exercises for women.

These will help you build strength and muscle and improve your body.  

Top 7 Glutes Exercises for Women

“Want to put some serious junk in the trunk & grow some god damn glutes?…

Strong Glutes 7 Glutes Exercises for WomenSource: CrossFit Inc

But you’re confused with all of the exercises you can do & feeling a little lost?


“In this video… I break down the Top 7 Movement Patterns & 35 Different Exercises you can pick from.”

“But more importantly… delve into the Booty Science of how the different exercises target, shape & sculpt the glutes all in their own unique & wonderful ways!”

“Because there are no “BEST” Exercises… but I’m here to help you build your very own List of Lifts!”

Video – Top 7 Glutes Exercises for Women

Time Stamps

00:00 – 0:53 – INTRO

00:54 – 3:14 – The Booty Science

03:15 – 5:52 – Different Lengthen Positions

05:53 – 08:07 – Hip Thrusts

08:08 – 09:35 – Lunges/Split Squats

09:36 – 10:57 – Squats

10:58 – 12:21- Deadlifts

12:22 – 14:18 – Back Extensions

14:19 – 15:47 – Kickbacks

15:48 – 17:13 – Abductions

17:14 – 18:41 – OUTRO

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Benefits of Strong Glutes

Strong glutes are beneficial to nearly every aspect of athletic and fitness training. They help you run faster, jump higher and land more softly, lift weights in the gym with greater power, and even improve your posture. Having strong glutes also means less risk of injury while playing sports or working out—and that means more time on the field or in the gym!

So how do you get these benefits? By strengthening your butt muscles!

Stronger glutes can help you increase your power when running

If you run, or play any sport that requires sprinting, having a strong gluteus maximus can help you increase your power when running. This will in turn help improve your performance in the sport of your choice.

Running is a big part of many sports, so having stronger glutes will help you improve your game and be better at what you do.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete or competitive runner to benefit from this; anyone who walks regularly or runs recreationally can benefit from stronger glute muscles!

They can help you decrease your risk of injury

Strong glutes are your body’s shock absorbers, helping to absorb the impact of running or jumping and helping to keep your knees healthy in the process. Weak glutes can lead to injuries like shin splints, runner’s knee and IT band syndrome.

If you have weak glutes, it means that other muscles must work harder to help absorb impact when landing from a jump or running down hills—this causes stress on those muscles and can lead to long-term injury if they’re not strong enough.

In addition to their obvious function as shock absorbers, strong glutes also play an important role in lower back health—they help keep the spine stable while standing upright and enable movement through hip extension (the action of pushing through with your legs).

Weak glutes will cause an imbalance between the two sides of the body which may result in back pain due to excessive compensation by other muscles like hamstrings or abdominals.

They can help you become more nimble on the court, field, or wherever you play

  • Stronger glutes can help you jump higher
  • Stronger glutes can help you move faster
  • They can help you change direction more quickly
  • They can help you recover from injury faster

They can make your workouts more efficient and effective

Strong glutes can help you perform better in any workout. They can allow you to lift more weight and do more reps, run faster, jump higher, squat deeper. This is great news for all kinds of athletes—whether you’re an Olympic lifter who wants to lift more weight or a marathon runner looking for that extra edge on your competition.

It’s also good news for people who aren’t athletes at all: Strong glutes are crucial for everyday functionality—helping us walk up stairs without huffing and puffing and keeping our backs healthy as we age.

Strong glues can help with posture – especially if you have to sit all day at a desk

One of the most important functions of your glutes is to keep your pelvis and spine stable. This means you’ll be less likely to slouch if you have strong glutes, and if you sit all day at a desk, they can help keep your spine healthy.

Strong glutes make you better at squatting and weightlifting

One of the best ways to strengthen your glutes is by doing squats. Squats are a full-body exercise that can be done with or without weights, at home or in a gym, and on any surface (with care).

While your glutes will be working hard during all variations of squats, it’s important to note that this is an advanced workout due to its intensity. If you haven’t been working out regularly and want to start squatting right away, don’t worry; just keep building up until you’re ready for this level of challenge!


We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of why strong glutes are so important to your health, fitness level and sports performance. If you want to get started on improving your own glute strength, check out the video above and start to implement the movements into your training.

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