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Top Games Athlete Lukas Hogberg is Out of The CrossFit Open

Swedish 5x Games veteran and third place finisher in 2018, Lukas Hogberg, had made the decision to pull out of the Open. 

In a recent post, he stated that he will withdraw from the competition. 

“I decided to not continue with Open this year. It’s been a long season for me and a lot of stress around me. I don’t feel that this Open shit show gives me any motivation or enjoy in my training and career as a professional athlete?”

But he still has big plans, continuing to talk about how he plans to make it to the 2020 CrossFit Games. 

“Now my focus will be to get rid of the stress around me and start with a good training rhythm and be ready for the real competitions ??? So I will compete in Sanctionals 2020 to earn my place at the Crossfit Games 2020.”

Other Games athletes voiced their support of his decision. Brent Fikowski commented “Good on you man! Put yourself first” and fellow Canadian Pat Vellner comically chimed in “fight the power”. 

Lukas has taken part in the CrossFit Open every year since 2012.

2019 Men 21st 1st Sweden
2018 Men 90th 1st Sweden
2017 Men 26th 1st Sweden
2016 Individual Men 52nd 1st Sweden
2015 Individual Men 79th 1st Sweden
2014 Individual Men 50th
2013 Individual Men 13th
2012 Individual Men 421st

And at the CrossFit Games since 2014.

2019 17th Men
2018 3rd Men
2016 14th Individual Men
2015 30th Individual Men
2014 23rd Individual Men


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