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CrossFit Open Humiliation – The Best Insults so far from Trash Talk Thursday

Trash Talk from Jason Carroll

Let’s introduce the fellas because you probably already have forgotten who they are …

Brent Fikowski – Went on a date with MARY during the games and thought he could take it slow….boy was he wrong ??‍♀️ #denied

Pat Vellner – He thought he could bring back the phrase “White Lightning” in the sprint event and make it relevant again….nope #cut⚡️

Travis Williams – He was doomed to begin with when #Crossfit changed the open schedule… He’s already in “stage 2” of layering on his “Winter Coat” #KeepingtheFATkidturnedCrossfitterStoryAlive

Lukas Esslinger – a poor man’s Lukas Hogberg..let the people decide though ??#theBlondeLukasOrtheBrunetteLukas

Me – Open Hero, Who is Mary? I couldn’t even get her email ?? I hope all of you enjoy the next 5 weeks! Get your group together and lets see some #Humiliation ????

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