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Ultimate Science-Based Leg Day Workout For Muscle Growth

Give your lower body the attention it deserves.

Looking for the ultimate science-based leg day workout for muscle growth? You found it!

Never skip leg day. As sad as it sounds, many people (men mostly) do not put the same dedication on working their lower body compared to the upper body. And that has a lot to do with aesthetics.

The upper body has the chest, back, biceps and even the six-pack abs. Lower body is seen as just legs. Not much of an appeal, right? Unfortunately, a lot of people think that way.

But with this ultimate science-based leg day workout, you can get the best training for your lower body and be sure that you are doing the right amount of exercise needed so that your lower body doesn’t lag behind your upper body.

This ultimate science-based leg day workout focused on hypertrophy was created by Jeff Nippard, a natural professional bodybuilder and fitness coach who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel.

Check it out.

Source: Scott Webb / Pexels

Ultimate Science-Based Leg Day Workout For Muscle Growth

This ultimate science-based leg workout designed by Nippard comprises of 6 lower body exercises that target the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves, and it will finish it off with one exercise for the abs. This is part of Nippard’s 2023 ultimate science-based workouts split in push/pull/leg.

Warm Up:

  • 5-10 minutes on the treadmill or Stairmaster
  • Dynamic stretching: front-to-back leg swings, side-to-side leg swings, side-lying twists, step throughs
  • 1 heavy set 2-4 reps of back squat

You can change the heavy back squat for a hack squat or Bulgarian split squats.

The Ultimate Science-Based Leg Day Workout

Paused Squat25
Romanian Deadlift38-10
Walking Lunge210 (each leg)
Seated Leg Curl310-12
Leg Press Toe Press410-12
Decline Plate Crunch310-12

For the paused squat, you should use a weight that is 75% of the heavy set of back squats you did in the warm-up. Paused squats are harder than normal squats because you “lose any store elastic energy in your tendons, which forces your quads and glutes to overcome the load from the dead stop.”

For the Romanian deadlift, Nippard explains how to do the exercise properly, and how to shift the focus to your glutes or hamstrings depending on your objective. He also talks about what to avoid when doing walking lunges, tips for the seated leg curl, and toe positioning for the leg press toe press.

ultimate science-based leg day workoutSource: Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

Nippard says that ab workouts don’t fit into the basics of push/pull/leg day routines, but he tends to add core exercises into his leg days.

And that is Jeff Nippard’s ultimate science-based leg workout focused on hypertrophy. To understand how to perform each exercise and to know a more detailed explanation of each of the movements, click on the video below.

VIDEO – Ultimate Science-Based Leg Day Workout For Muscle Growth

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