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22 Reasons Why You Should Squat More

Correct form not only strengthens the legs, glutes and core, it also improves flexibility, balance, coordination and body awareness. With an appropriate amount of reps and weight for your current fitness level, squats can contribute effectively to your overall performance and health.

On the fun side, squats can create a better life, a lot of pain in “the day after”, help with education and upbringing, songwriting and more. Have a look at 22 reasons why Crossfitters should squat more.

1. Squats equal real life.

Study published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal suggests, squats are one of the most primal and critical fundamental movements. Not only for athletic performance, but to support lifelong physical ability to stay independent longer. They transfer to everyday tasks such as standing up and carrying objects.

2. They also inspire life.

“Squats are a perfect analogy for life. It’s about standing back up after something heavy takes you down.” – unknown.

2 life
Source: Pinterest

 3. Squats build a body like this.

They help built muscle mass in all the right places, but are particularly friendly with glutes, quads and hamstrings.

Photo: @stacietovar
Photo: @stacietovar

4. They will improve your oly lifts.

To move forward from the power clean syndrome, you need to get comfortable with receiving the weight in a hole, also known as  the front squat bottom position. Which means you have to front squat more.

5. And your hip drive.

Mark Ripptoe mentioned in his Starting Strength squats are the best exercise to train hip drive. He then says they are the only exercise that trains the recruitment of the entire posterior chain.

“The best exercise you can do with barbells and, by extension, the best strength exercise there is. – Mark Ripptoe.”

6. Even Ronnie Coleman liked them.

As a complex exercise they create a strong anabolic stimulus and produce greater hormonal responses then exercises using fitness machines. Ronnie Coleman squatted with 800 lbs (363 kg).

7. They calm you down.

Resistance exercises at moderate intensity, including squats, are suggested to have an anxiolytic effect – they ease down anxiety and make you feel calmer; suggests a study from Frontiers in Psychology.

8. Some girls squat 170 kg and look beautiful squatting it.

No words needs for the talented Lydia Valentin.

9. You are born with a ability to squat perfectly.

Have you ever seen a baby squat? We all once had an ability like this. But we lost it due to hours of not being active, developing our bodies into a “computer posture” and living the comfortable life in general.

 10. Squats make you a better athlete.

Squats are considered as one of the most effective exercises to enhance athletic performance in any kind of sport. Runners do squats to train muscles that would help them with uphill running, keep up the correct body posture and as an injury prevention protocol in general.

11. Squats together with a leg day inspired millions of memes.

Lower weight but greater volume of squats can make you feel:

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

12.  They can be part of different rehabilitation processes.

Some forms of squats are often used in clinical rehabilitation processes to strengthen joints that have been injured. Eccentric squats on a decline board are being used to rehab patellar tendinopathy (study).

13. Because nobody ever wrote a song about a small ass.

Some bodies built by squats inspired the music, particularly the hip hop industry.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

14. They help older people to keep their bodies functional longer.

It’s important, especially as we age, to keep the movement patterns working as long as possible, not slipping into the mood of disability. Many older people have trouble standing up out of bed or chair, and keeping the body in balance to prevent them from falling.

15. Squats can be a parenting strategy.

Mikhail Koklyaev can squat 310 kg with no hands. His raw squat is 365 kg. He knows a thing or two about squats.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

16. They are a flexibility and a reality check-up.

A simple air squat tells the whole story about your current fitness level. Believe or not, but most people have trouble with it.

17. Bodies built by squats are more resilient towards accidents.

Squats are an effective exercise to build core strength and improve spine stability. Strong bodies are more resilient and better prepared when a sudden fall or accident happens.

18. They serve as a birthday or New Year greeting.

“May all your squats be heavy and deep.”

19. Squats will step up your cardio game.

Mostly in this direction, but remember earlier, even runners do squats.

squat cardio


20. Our ancestors squatted every day

They ate will holding a squat position. Squats were also present during daily activities, essential to survival: hunting, harvesting, carrying, hiding…



21. Also old school lifters squatted every day.

And those photos are just essential to any serious weightlifter – a motivation to squat more! Anatoly Pisarenko squatting. 

Source: Pinterest

22. Because squats are for everyone.

No matter the age, gender or body shape. Everyone should squat.

Why do you squat?

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