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WOD PAIN: 20 Minutes, 100 Burpees and Row as Far as Possible

This workout is one of our favourites from the past. A simple and highly effective conditioning workout, get ready to be destroyed. 

Out of three online qualifiers for The Athlete Games, number 1 got most of the public attention mainly due to its combination of 100 burpees over the rower, and rowing – as far as possible. All within a 20-minute time cap. If you need a good endurance workout and a brutal battle with your mental toughness, then you definitely need to try this one:

TAG Qualifier 1

Time cap: 20 minutes

100x burpees over the rower
Remaining time: row as far as possible

Score: the total distance rowed in meters.

The strategy

With 3537 meters Steph Dekker from CrossFit Glasgow, Scotland finished 3rd in women individual category.

We asked Steph what was her strategy for such a gruelling workout:  

Steph told us: “When I set out to do the WOD I decided I was going to pace my burpees. I had worked it out beforehand that the burpees were going to take me around 6:30, and that I was going to sit at a 2:00/500m pace on the row.”

“Once I started I felt like I was going just a bit too quick on the burpees, but I just stuck with it anyway and managed to hang onto that pace. When I got onto the rower I stuck to the 2:00/500m as I had planned, only creeping up to 2:03/04 occasionally when I wasn’t looking at the monitor.”

“That’s what my advice would be to anyone doing it: start with a realistic plan, set targets and fight to stick to them!”

See Steph’s performance in the video:

If the video is not working see it here. Or check Steph’s YouTube channel.

Did you try it? What`s your distance?

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