5 Reasons Why You Should Do CrossFit

If you are already doing CrossFit, you know the benefits. If not, here are 5 reasons why you should do CrossFit.

CrossFit is a fitness sport that integrates different types of movements, from gymnastics to Olympic weightlifting, and combines them to deliver a transformational and sweaty workout for you.

CrossFit is also about health and longevity. One of the reasons why you should do CrossFit is that it will pay off later, when you are older and realise your body can do more exercise without the help of others.

Imagine being 80 years old, slipping on a wet surface and falling on your ass, then getting back up without needing the help of others? CrossFit can help you achieve that kind of athleticism.

BOXROX has also selected other reasons why you should do CrossFit. Check it out.

5 Reasons Why You Should Do CrossFit

1. You know at least 20 different ways to use a kettlebell.

Reasons Why You Should Do CrossFit

2. You forgot what it feels like not to be sore.


3. Being called “Chalk addict” is an understatement for you

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4. Your Facebook Stream is full of CrossFit .. and a good portion of your friends have blocked you already!

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5. Having blisters or callouses is a triumph for you

Crossfitters guide to preventing hand rips

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