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5 Tips to Build Bigger Shoulders

A few hacks you can incorporate into your training to build bigger shoulders.

How can you build bigger shoulders? Increase weight, vary exercises, be consistent and repeat. But there are some tweaks you can do to increase the size of your delts. Here are 5 tips to build bigger shoulders.

The tips and hacks you can incorporate into your training are brought by Fit Media Channel, a YouTube channel with over 1.6 million subscribers.

In one of their latest videos, they shared a few hacks to build bigger shoulders.

As the shoulders are divided into front, middle, and rear delts, you need to exercise all of them to make sure there are no imbalances, prevent injury and continue your fitness goals.

Any shoulder injury could mess up your entire upper body training as they are used for other exercises that could include your back, biceps, triceps or even the chest.

Tips and Hacks to Build Bigger Shoulders

Throughout the video, Fit Media Channel explains that the normal way to work your front delt is with press exercises. Instead of doing the dumbbell press as most people would, you should press upwards with both dumbbells together in front of your body. That way it creates greater isolation on the front delt.

Lateral raises are undoubtedly the way to work your middle delts. For this exercise, the tip is to ditch the dumbbells and walk over the cable machine. Keep the cable between your legs leaning in the direction of the raise. Cables will make sure your muscles are tensioned throughout the movement.

For the rear delts, your best tip is to utilise the flye machine in reverse. This allows you to hit your rear delts while protecting your lower back.

build bigger shouldersSource: Nigel Msipa

One of the best things you should do, that most people don’t, when it comes to building bigger shoulders is to focus on the rotator cuff, the muscle under your shoulder that supports all different shoulder movements.

Warm up your rotator cuffs with lightweight by doing the “full can,” raising plates with stretch out arms in front of your body, or by fixing your elbow in a position and rotating up and down with a light dumbbell.

Lastly, another hack to build bigger shoulders is to not focus entirely on exercising your shoulders. Instead of having a workout day that targets your shoulders, you could transition to a push-pull workout routine and work your front delts during chest exercises and your rear delts during back exercises.

Utilise the row machine to work your entire back, and later isolate your rear delts with a simple exercise. For a push workout, for example, you may include a huge compound exercise for the chest and later do one single exercise focused on your front delts.

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