7 Top Crossfit Athletes from The Middle East & African Regions

The Meridian Regionals will take place June 2- 4 in Madrid, Spain. They include all the Athletes from Europe, Africa and The Middle East.

Oddrun Eik Gylfadottir

Oddrun Eik Gylfadottir comes from Iceland but spent much of her adult life in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is now trainign in CrossFit Yas in Abu Dhabi. Eik is one of the Meridian Regionals competitive “Dóttirs” of Iceland. Since discovering CrossFit early in 2013 she has competed twice at the Meridian Regionals as an individual and in 2016 competed with Team Nordvest at the CrossFit Games. Eik is a qualified Yoga and CrossFit coach and most recently gained qualifications in Osteopathy.

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