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AMRAP CrossFit Workouts that Will Destroy You

Challenge yourself with these tough amrap workouts. Take your fitness and mental strength to the next level.

Raise your game with these tough AMRAP CrossFit Workouts.

The acronym AMRAP sounds weird at first, but it’s a simple concept and adds a new dimension to your usual training routine. Besides “as many reps as possible”, it can also mean “as many rounds as possible”.

An AMRAP workout works like this: You have a certain number of reps of each exercises to complete in every set before moving onto the next. Once you have completed all the sets you go back to the start and begin again. That counts as one round.

The aim is to perform either as many reps and rounds in the given time. Between the rounds you can take little breaks but they shouldn’t be too long, since time is limited. The aim is intensity. AMRAPS are scored by the number of reps and / or rounds you completed in the time frame.

crossfit women clean barbell olympic weightlifting amrap
AMRAP workouts are for everyone.


No matter if you are a total beginner or an elite athlete, this format will be challenging. If you need to do band-assisted Pull Ups, or Press Ups on your knees instead, then do that. AMRAPS can be easily scaled to suit all abilities, the right attitude to give it all you have is the most important thing!

Most AMRAPS tend to be between 5 – 30 minutes long, but there are many exceptions.

This kind of workout is very intense and time efficient. It’s individually challenging due to the possibility to create a personal plan for every skill level. You can integrate all kind of exercises and it presents a perfect mixture of strength and endurance training.


  • Burn fat
  • Test your mental toughness
  • Improve your technique under pressure and fatigue
  • Build strength and conditioning
  • Increase your capacity for working well at a high heart rate
  • Testing your physical limits

Due to the high intensity, these workouts are exhausting. They are tough, but that makes them rewarding and useful. If you are new to the AMRAP style of workouts, take the time to think about the following tips.


Think about your pacing. For longer AMRAPS, this is especially important. Be smart about how long the workout is, should your pace be the same for a 3 minute AMRAP and a 30 minute one? No, probably not. Work slightly harder than you think you can, and you will be surprised at what you are able to achieve.

weightlifting crossfit man amrap workoutSource: RX'd Photography
intensity is the key.


If you know you have 10 rounds of 30 Wall Balls, but these aren’t a strength of yours, then try breaking the sets down into smaller chunks of 10 or less. This will also help you psychologically to get through the workout at a good pace.


This is exceptionally important! Concentrate on your breathing and make an effort to control and regulate your breaths. This will ensure that you don’t burn out in the first 2 minutes, and create a rhythm that you can use for the rest of the AMRAP workout. Rich Froning is an excellent example of an athlete that does this well. For more tips on this, check out the article on his breathing techniques.

Pick one of the following 10 Workouts and give it a try. If you spot one you’ve tried before, then re-test yourself to see if your scores have improved.


A deceptively simple workout to begin with. These are all bodyweight exercises, so you can try this one anywhere.

  • 10 minutes
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 Air-squats
  • 20 Crunches

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