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Strength Building Back Workouts for All CrossFit Athletes (Scaled and Beginner Options Included)

Back workouts are essential for all CrossFit athletes. The following CrossFit WODs all include specific exercises that will target and strengthen your back in certain different ways under various modalities. Each of the back workouts includes information about how to scale or select a beginner option. Have fun. 


  • EMOM For As Long As Possible
  • Death by Deadlifts (60% of 1 RM)

Following the “Death By…” format, start clock and do one deadlift within the first minute, two repetitions within the second minute, three deadlifts within the third minute and so on. Add one repetition every minute until you cannot complete the required number of repetitions within that given minute.


EMOM For as Long as Possible

  • 1 Rep in the first minute
  • 2 Rep in the second minute
  • 3 Rep in the third minute
  • etc.

Tip: Do not speed up to get all the reps. Go slow and use good form. Don’t let your back round. If you can’t get the reps using good form, then so be it. There is no shame in that. Injuring your back, however, there is a lot of shame (and pain) in that.

back workouts


This workout is designed to operate with 60% of your 1 RM so it it automatically adjusts to your specific level and there is no need to change anything. 

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