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5 Barbell Complexes to Improve Your Strength and Technique

These barbell complexes are all designed to enhance your prowess with the Barbell.

Barbells are usually the go-to equipment for any athlete looking to increase his/her strength. Why is that? Simply because the barbell allows you to lift heavier weights compared to other equipment, such as the dumbbell or kettlebell for example.

Utilising this equipment will probably make you work on compound movements – exercises that work different muscle groups at the same time. If you are already working on a compound movement, why not go all in and do some of these barbell complexes that combine different barbell exercises to maximise your strength gain?

barbell complexesSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Give these barbell complexes a try and see how you can overcome any strength plateau you have.

Don’t forget to properly warm up before attempting these barbell complexes.


Aleksey Torokhtiy: “The combination of 4 exercises in one complex shows that this complex is never easy.

This combination of exercises develops the ‘base’ perfectly, angles and power endurance, so this complex should be used in the preparation period. Each exercise within this complex can be worked out separately, but this combination is considered to be a ‘time bomb’.

The use of this complex even once a week for 2-3 weeks gives excellent results. Depending on the training tasks, you can use a different number of reps in each exercise (from 1 to 4), the intensity can vary from 50 to 85%. This complex is recommended for athletes with at least 2 years of lifting experience.”

Aleksey Torokhtiy is a Ukrainian weightlifter. He won the gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the men’s 105 kg category with a total of 412 kg. He finished in 11th place at the 2008 Olympics.


Who fancies trying the “Yogi Bear” complex unbroken?

Here is how you do it:

  • Snatch pull
  • High hang snatch
  • Snatch balance
  • Over head squat
  • Snatch pull
  • Low hang snatch
  • Snatch balance
  • Over head squat
  • Snatch pull
  • Full snatch
  • Snatch balance
  • Over head squat

@ body weight 62kg

CROSSFIT: Sam Briggs Goes Sub 10 Minutes in Open Workout 17.1!

Sam Briggs Smashes 30 Unbroken Bar Muscle Ups!


This complex will test your technique and strength from different positions, whilst simultaneously improving your grip strength. 

Start light until you feel comfortable with the movement and work your way up the heavy lifts.


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done any barbell cycling work. After sweating for 90 minutes this looked fun

15 Minute Emom:

  • Minutes 1-3 – 5 Clean And Jerk 115/75
  • Minutes 4-6 – 4 Clean And Jerk 155/105
  • Minutes 7-9 – 3 Clean And Jerk 205/145
  • Minutes 10-12 – 2 Clean And Jerk 245/165
  • Minutes 13-15 – 1 Clean And Jerk 275/185

*I wanted to challenge myself a bit, so I did two reps at the last bar! Give it a try!! Scale loading of the barbell so it can be done as TnG.


“I’m back on the bar ??? Emom x12: 1 C&J w 185# starting to play around w some weight again .. it’s time to get STRONG”

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