11 Incredible Benefits of Dumbbell Chest Flyes

Upgrade your chest muscles.

This article will teach you all the great benefits of dumbbell chest flyes.

Benefits of Dumbbell Chest Flyes

The dumbbell chest flye is an excellent exercise for lifters to target their pectoralis major muscle group, which includes the pecs, sternal head of the clavicular head, and anterior deltoids.

The chest flye is also ideal as a warm up or cool down after completing a more intense workout routine. The muscles will be warmed up and stretched out before starting another heavy-duty workout and they’ll be stretched out afterwards so that your body is ready to rest.

1. Benefits of Dumbbell Chest Flyes – Isolate the Pecs

Dumbbell chest flyes allow you to isolate the pectoralis major muscle group and focus on proper form. This is a helpful tool for chest training in general.


As a beginner, it’s especially important to work on developing good habits that you can use throughout your training career.

2. Benefits of Dumbbell Chest Flyes – Prevent Injury

The chest muscles are important for supporting the shoulder joint, which plays a role in lifting and pushing, rotating and pulling.

If you strengthen your chest muscles, you can help prevent injuries that could result from using these movements improperly.

3. Benefits of Dumbbell Chest Flyes – Build Muscle

Dumbbell chest flyes are a great exercise for developing the chest muscles.

By doing this exercise, you will be able to increase muscle tone, build muscle mass and increase strength. This exercise can also help you increase your endurance so that you can stay in shape for longer periods of time when exercising.

4. Benefits of Dumbbell Chest Flyes – Build Upper Body Strength

Dumbbell chest flyes will help you build upper body strength, including your chest, shoulders and back muscles. These exercises can also be used to improve your posture.

5. Benefits of Dumbbell Chest Flyes – Great Accessory Exercise

Dumbbell chest flyes are a great way to target the pectoralis major muscle group as an accessory exercise, later on in your chest sessions.

Add them into a session after the heavier compound lifts (barbell bench, decline press, incline press etc).

6. Prevent Chronic Pain and Degeneration as you Age

You might not be aware of it, but exercising can help prevent chronic pain and degeneration as you age. The dumbbell chest flye exercise is an effective way to keep your body mobile, healthy, and youthful. It will keep your muscles flexible and strong so that they can better support the rest of your body as it ages.

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If you are experiencing chronic pain now or have suffered from chronic pain in the past, there’s no reason to let it hold back what could be a beautiful future for yourself. Get out there and start exercising today.

7. Work Stabiliser Muscles in your Upper Back and Core

In addition to chest muscles and shoulders, you can also work stabiliser muscles in your upper back and core during a dumbbell chest flye session.

For example, the serratus anterior muscle helps stabilize the scapula during arm movements by pulling it forward. Likewise, the lower trapezius helps pull on your scapula to retract it (move it toward your spine).

The pectoralis major muscle is responsible for flexing and adducting your shoulder joint as well as elevating your arm above your head. It’s also involved in coracobrachialis function—when both arms move together at once—and internal rotation of each shoulder joint as well as flexion/extension of its respective elbow joint when only one arm moves at a time; these actions are essential for dumbbell chest flyes.

8. Improve your Posture from Slouching or Hunching Over Whilst Sitting and Standing

It is important to have good posture, especially when you spend most of your time sitting at a desk. This can help prevent back pain and slouching or hunching over as you work on your computer.

By developing your chest you can be reminded to keep the anterior part of your body proud and this will help align good posture.

  • To improve your posture, stand up straight with your shoulders back and chest out.
  • You can also stretch by placing both arms across in front of you at shoulder height with palms together and then press down gently into the stretch for five seconds before releasing it again.
  • Repeat this several times if desired but only up to three times per day as excessive stretching can lead to muscle injuries over time.

9. Create a Balanced Body and Physique

The Fly will help you to create a balanced body and physique. As a dumbbell exercise it will show you where you are weak and where you are strong.

Knowing these imbalances will allow you to work on and destroy them.

10. Benefits of Dumbbell Chest Flyes – Helpful for Drop Sets

Drop sets are a great way to increase the intensity in your workouts.

By doing two exercises back-to-back with minimal rest between them, you can add a lot of intensity and difficulty to your workout. For example, if you were doing dumbbell chest flyes, you would do 10 reps per set. Then on the second set, after completing 10 reps, lower your weights and immediately start another set with the same weight without taking any rest at all.

By having less than enough time for complete recovery between sets, this will cause your body to work harder.  

11. Benefits of Dumbbell Chest Flyes – Useful for Supersets

  • Supersets are a great way to add intensity to your workout.
  • You can superset chest with back or shoulders, for example.

Muscles of the Chest

The chest is a large muscle group that makes up the centre of the upper body.

Its primary function is to lift and lower the arm in movements such as pushing, pulling, and throwing.

The chest also plays an important role in respiration by expanding and contracting during inhalation and exhalation. In addition to these functions, the pectoralis major also helps keep your shoulder joints stable when you’re exercising or performing daily activities like lifting heavy objects or carrying groceries from the car into your house.

Pectoralis Major

The pectoralis major is a muscle of the upper limb, which arises from:

  • the clavicle, medial 2/3 of the sternum and costal cartilages of ribs 5 through 8. The medial part of this muscle also originates from fascia at the axilla (armpit).
  • its tendon inserts on to the lesser tubercle of humerus via aponeurosis.

The pectoralis major forms with other anterior muscles like latissimus dorsi (lats) and assist in arm movements such as abduction, flexion or extension depending on contraction type.

Pec Minor

The pec minor is a small, triangular muscle that arises from the coracoid process and inferior border of the scapula. It inserts into the superior border of the medial half of the clavicle.

The pec minor acts to pull on your shoulder blade (scapula) when you raise your arm up towards your head, such as when swimming or doing shoulder presses at a gym.

Other than this specific movement, it also helps stabilize your shoulder joint during other movements such as lifting weights or pushing/pulling motions such as climbing stairs or holding something heavy with both hands while walking forward

Serratus Anterior

The serratus anterior is a muscle of the chest that lies at the top of the rib cage. This muscle helps to lift up and rotate your upper arms, as well as assisting in breathing.

You can strengthen this muscle by doing pushups, bench presses, or other chest exercises.


The subclavius muscle is a small triangular muscle that arises from the first rib and clavicle. It is innervated by the subclavian nerve, a branch of C5-6.

The purpose of this muscle is to elevate the clavicle during respiration (breathing). When your arm is lifted up, it pulls on this muscle and makes your neck stick out like a turtle’s head.


There are a lot of muscles in the chest and some of them can be hard to find.

The benefits outlined in this article show how and why dumbbell flyes should be included in your program.

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