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5 Best Benefits of the Crunch Exercise (Build Your Six Pack)

Why you need the crunch in your life.

Check out the best benefits of the crunch exercise.

The crunch exercise is a popular ab movement that targets the rectus abdominis, a muscle in your stomach that flexes when you bend forward.

Best Benefits of the Crunch ExerciseSource: John Fornander / Unsplash

The crunch also works other muscles in the torso and back, including the obliques (which run along each side of your abdomen) and spinal erectors.

How to Perform the Crunch Exercise

To perform this exercise, follow these instructions:

  • Lie on your back with knees bent so that feet are flat on floor
  • Hands should be placed behind head or crossed over chest with elbows out wide
  • Tense the abs and core
  • Inhale then slowly lift shoulders off floor while keeping head still as possible
  • Hold for one second then slowly lower yourself down until elbows touch ground again;
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps and sets

1. Benefits of the Crunch Exercise – Burn Fat

The crunch exercise is one of the most popular exercises and best options for weight loss.

When it comes to developing the muscles that are commonly known as the six pack, the Crunch is an excellent option.

Bear in mind that exercising alone is not enough to develop a low enough body fat percentage to reveal the stomach muscles below. It MUST be combined with an intelligent and sustainable nutrition plan.

2. Benefits of the Crunch Exercise – Tone the Belly

If you want to achieve a toned, flat belly then the crunch is an excellent option.

It will help you build muscle and tighten up your tummy.

To reiterate the importance of the point above, remember that your training has to go hand in hand with healthy nutrition to help shift any unwanted fat.

3. Benefits of the Crunch Exercise – It Can Be Done Anywhere

Another great asset of the crunch is that you don’t need any equipment and it can be performed anywhere.

If you are on holiday, on the beach or in a hotel room, you can easily use this exercise as part of your workout.

4. It Can Be Done by Anyone

The crunch is also highly accessible. For beginners, it is an excellent way to start working on your abs and core without any barriers in terms of equipment or gym memberships.

For more advanced athletes you can add weight to make the movement harder.

5. Benefits of the Crunch Exercise – It Strengthens Stomach and Core Muscles

Even though the crunch exercise is primarily a strength-training move, it also has great benefits for all-over abdominal toning.

The crunch is one of the most popular exercises among fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike because it strengthens the core muscles in your abdomen—namely, your transverse abdominis (TVA) and rectus abdominis—and it’s easy to do.

A stronger core will contribute to better posture, increased coordination, better balance and all-round enhanced sporting performance.


The Crunch Exercise is a simple exercise that you can do at home.

It helps to burn fat and tone your belly and is accessible to all.

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