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Life as a Female CrossFit® Coach in the Middle East

After the spectacular opening of the Sanctioned events at Dubai CrossFit® Championship, we have realized that CrossFit in the Middle East is growing really fast.

It´s been a few years, but already you can see many high level athletes working in Dubai, Emirates and Qatar, and we all wonder why? I’ll try to shed some light on this based on my very own experience, as I am currently living in Qatar.


The CrossFit® community is growing thanks to the foreigners from UK, USA, etc, that have opened CF boxes and created a space for foreigners and locals alike to train.

And they love it! We all know that our sport motivates people to follow a healthier lifestyle and encourages you to move from the couch and chips.

But why does someone would want to go there to work? 

Obviously it is well paid, much better than in any other country, which gives you more free time to train and also focus on what is important to you.  For someone new moving out to the Middle East, they can expect to earn around 2500€ per month as a CrossFit® coach, however a lot more can then be made as a personal trainer here.

But it is important to remember that living in these countries is expensive too! A typical shared apartment will cost you around 1000€


Another strong reason for me was the adventure of traveling, learning about a different culture, language and an alternative way of living. This is something exciting, but also you have to be sure that you will respect and enjoy the new culture.


In some of these countries the dress code for foreigners in public places can be slightly different than in your country of origin. For example, in Qatar you should wear short sleeves not a vest, and anything above the knee wouldn’t be allowed.


Being a coach here is, in essence, the same as in any other country. You will have people from all over the world that attend your class and you will all have fun together. In your free time you can visit the desert, the stunning malls, the beach, shop at the Souq or enjoy an Arabic coffee with dates, that will always be ready in any cafe.

Another plus point for me is that I feel safe here. You can leave your phone on a table, leave 30 min later and your phone will still be there.

Remember that in the summer here, your car can heat up to 52° C, but in the winter you will enjoy a nice 15° C at night.

I enjoy traveling and meeting new people, learning from other cultures and different languages so I have found this to be a great opportunity.

TJ Garcia, The Progrm Coach

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