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5 Steps To Feel Comfortable At Your New Box

If you’re new to Crossfit and serious about getting comfortable at your box here are 5 shortcuts to feel at “home” as soon as you’ll get your foot into the door.

1. Engage with people

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anyone. Just start a conversation. Preferably about Crossfit, the workout (known as the WOD), difficulty of the movements or the RX weights. Ask people how long they have been doing Crossfit, are they competing. etc. And most importantly: be open, smiling and never sigh during the intro to the daily workout. Your fellow athletes are like warriors and troopers: not spoiled complainers. 

Frozen in Time 3
Crossfit friends.

2. Know your way around: be assertive 

Warm up is done and it’s time to lift. Partner workout is on and you will have to share a barbell. 

Don’t wait around to get picked. Go straight to the barbell rack, get one and set up your area. If you’re assertive and find your way around someone will immediately come to you. It doesn’t matter if you lift heavy or not. It’s just like in high school, people don’t want to feel left out. They will partner up with you if they feel you are confident.

Frozen in time 5
Know your way around.

3. Learn how to talk “Crossfit”

WOD, PR, RX, hang muscle snatch, hang power clean thrusters, Karen, Christine, Murph… sound unfamiliar to you? 

Open the Crossfit dictionary! Because everyone will use those words all the time. There is nothing else to explain here, get to work and learn to speak Crossfit!


4. Do little mobility while waiting for the WOD

You got in early and that’s great. But what do you do while waiting for the coaches to start explaining the workout?

Grab a PVC pipe (and you’ll know where they are because you’ve mastered second point of this list) and you start warming up the arms and shoulders. You do a couple of pipe passes and around the worlds. It’s useful for you and it’s a great way to fill those 5-10 minutes before the WOD.

5. Protein shakes please!

The workout is over, most people are lying on the floor, agonizing and moaning. You will probably end up in the same position.

Then, you get up and head to the shower? No! You get up and get your protein shake. That’s the Crossfit post-workout routine: 90% of Crossfitters drink shakes to recover from their training. And they do it while catching up with other athletes to discuss the “just crushed” WOD.

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