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CrossFit Will Increase Games Payout, Includes All Individuals and Adaptive Divisions

The total prize purse will increase to over $2.8 million.

CrossFit has announced it is expanding its Games payout for the 2022 season. The total prize purse will increase by $330,000 compared to last season to over $2.8 million, the largest in its history. The number of athletes receiving a share of the prize purse will include all individual elite athletes, top 10 teams, and adaptive athletes from all 8 divisions.

Although there will be an increase in the total prize purse, the Fittest on Earth will receive the same amount as last year. The biggest difference this year is more athletes will now receive a part of the prize purse.

What’s New?

Individual athletes

Last year, and in previous CrossFit Games, only the top 20 individual athletes would receive part of the total prize purse depending on their final placement. This has now expanded to all 40 elite athletes competing in Madison this year.


Previously, only the top 5 teams won part of the prize purse. Now, the top 10 teams will receive cash depending on the leaderboard placement.

Adaptive athletes

In 2021, 8 adaptive divisions were first introduced to the CrossFit season. The best of three divisions (upper extremity, lower extremity, and neuromuscular) were invited to compete for the title of Fittest adaptive athlete on Earth. Only podium finishers of those 3 divisions received part of the prize purse at the end of the CrossFit Games in 2021.

Although this year we will continue having athletes from the same 3 divisions competing in Madison, the top 3 athletes from all other divisions will also win part of the prize purse allocated this year.

“Five of the 8 divisions will name their champions during the Semifinal stage of the competition, and the top three finishers from each division will receive the same prize money as the three divisions that will compete in Madison,” CrossFit announced.

lower extremity adaptive athlete competes in CrossFit GamesSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

2022 CrossFit Games Payout


1st – $310,000

2nd – $120,000

3rd – $80,000

4th through 20th –  $55,000, $40,000, $35,000, $31,000, $29,000, $27,000, $25,000, $20,000, $18,000, $15,000, $14,000, $13,000, $12,000, $11,000, $10,000, $9,000, $8,000.

21st through 40th (new) – $7,000, $6,750, $6,500, $6,250, $6,000, $5,750, $5,500, $5,250, $5,000, $4,750, $4,500, $4,250, $4,000, $3,750, $3,500, $3,250, $3,000, $2,750, $2,500, $2,250.

Total for men’s and women’s divisions: $1,949,00

Individual events

1st place – $3,000

2nd place – $2,000

3rd place – $1,000

Games Payout
Fittest Women on Earth


1st place: $100,000

2nd place: $70,000

3rd place: $40,000

4th place: $25,000

5th place: $20,000

6th place (new): $15,000

7th place (new): $12,000

8th place (new): $9,000

9th place (new): $6,000

10th place (new): $3,000

Total: $300,000

Adaptive Divisions

Podium finishers of all adaptive divisions will earn the same amount of money, regardless of competing in Madison or being crowned the Fittest on Earth after Semifinals.

Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Neuromuscular:

1st – $5,000

2nd – $3,000

3rd – $2,000

Vision, intellectual, seated without hip function, seated with hip function, short stature (NEW):

1st – $5,000

2nd – $3,000

3rd – $2,000

Total for men’s and women’s adaptive divisions: $160,000


Masters 35-39:

1st place – $25,000

2nd place – $10,000

3rd place – $5,000

Masters 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64:

1st place – $10,000

2nd place – $5,000

3rd place – $3,000

Masters 65+

1st place – $5,000

2nd place – $3,000

3rd place – $2,000

Total for all men’s and women’s Masters divisions: $280,000.

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