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*UPDATE: CrossFit Respond to Garard’s Claim that Other Top Athletes are also Doping

CrossFit Games General Manager Justin Bergh responds to Garard's allegation that "other top athletes in the sport intentionally out smarting the system, [and] getting away with [doping]."

The following statement is from CrossFit.

“This is an opportunity for him as an athlete if he has that information he can share it with us, he can be a part of a solution, but I think it’s damaging to his other athletes and I think that’s what cheating does. It’s not just ruining the leaderboard, it’s tarnishing the hard work, the talent, the dedication that your fellow competitors have…It’s dragging a lot of good athletes, good clean athletes that are doing the right thing, it’s sullying their reputation and I don’t think it’s fair to them.”

“We’ve never had an instance where an athlete tested positive and we hid that result or did not publish that result ever. If people want to attack our integrity and say that we’re hiding things, all I have to say is that we’ve published every single result and there is nothing to hide.” 

Last night I was named the Third Fittest Man on Earth for the second consecutive year. Not to cheers of the Crossfit community, or to the joy of my family, but alone at home, sitting at my kitchen table doing homework. I am happy and proud to be now named to the podium. I am overwhelmed and excited and frankly a little giddy. However, I'm also disappointed. Those precious moments at the Crossfit Games are ones that I work so hard all year for, and they are moments that I can never get back. I lost an event win, I lost the experience of having back to back podiums, and worst of all, I lost the chance to stand on that podium with a fellow Canadian. I’m glad that Crossfit is catching some big fish and showing that their testing works, but I’m sad to see this stain on the sport. Integrity in sport is so important. When someone cheats, they aren’t simply cheating the sport, they are cheating the other athletes who have sacrificed a lot to get where they are. This is just sad and unfair. There are no shortcuts to success. Success is made at the gym on a Tuesday afternoon when you are one piece into a 5 piece workout and you want to just call it and go home to watch Netflix, but you don't. Success is looking at the guy next to you and knowing if he works hard, you gotta work harder. It is built one rep, one grind, one workout at a time. So to anyone out there who thinks it might be a good idea to give him or herself that extra edge. Put down your PED and pick up a goddam barbell. Thanks everyone for the support. Let's work for a better, cleaner 2018 season. #crossfitgames #crossfit #cleansport #integrity #HWPO #podium #bringon2018 #reebok #reebokcanada #beanathlete #makeitcount #proenergyfit @crossfitgames @crossfit @reebokcanada @reebok @hatlex_canada @forging_heroes @proenergynutrition

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