*UPDATE: CrossFit Respond to Garard’s Claim that Other Top Athletes are also Doping

The following statement is from CrossFit.

“This is an opportunity for him as an athlete if he has that information he can share it with us, he can be a part of a solution, but I think it’s damaging to his other athletes and I think that’s what cheating does. It’s not just ruining the leaderboard, it’s tarnishing the hard work, the talent, the dedication that your fellow competitors have…It’s dragging a lot of good athletes, good clean athletes that are doing the right thing, it’s sullying their reputation and I don’t think it’s fair to them.”

“We’ve never had an instance where an athlete tested positive and we hid that result or did not publish that result ever. If people want to attack our integrity and say that we’re hiding things, all I have to say is that we’ve published every single result and there is nothing to hide.”

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