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Dave Castro Releases Clue About CrossFit Games; Event 1 Will Have Paddle and Swim

The CrossFit Games will start on Wednesday morning, July 28th, for Individual athletes.

The fittest athletes around the world are preparing for the CrossFit Games which kicks off on July 27th. To help, or more likely to confuse, Dave Castro has released a clue about what the 15 workouts will be like. He also shared a video revealing a few of the details for Individual Event 1.

On July 2nd Dave Castro wrote on his Instagram that the last workout for the CrossFit Games was tested and got a green light. In total, there will be 15 workouts for individual CrossFit athletes this year.

On Sunday, 4th of July, Dave Castro released the first clue of all events that will take place in Madison, Wisconsin. It is as enigmatic as expected.

According to comments on the post, most people believe that the “OF” on the right stands for “On Floor,” meaning the workout details will be revealed on the floor. Towards the end, there is one “SN” that is even more enigmatic, but some people believe it stands for “Saturday Night.”

Dave Castro Reveals Event 1 Will Have Paddle and Swim

On Sunday night, CrossFit’s Instagram page shared a video of Dave Castro giving more details about the first event for individual athletes.

According to him, on Wednesday morning on July 28th, individual athletes will do “swim distance long, and paddle, distance even longer.”

“The first event at the 2021 CrossFit Games will take place on July 28th. That’s a Wednesday. That Wednesday morning, the individual athletes will do the following: swim, distance long, and paddle, distance even longer. I’m excited about the Games. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there, it’s gonna be a wild ride and if you can’t make it there as a fan tune in at games.CrossFit.com.”

2021 CrossFit Games will happen from July 27th to August 1st. Check out the schedule released for Individual athletes, Masters, Teens, Adaptive and Teams.

Schedule Dave Castro clue
Source: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

For the first time in history, CrossFit will crown the Fittest Adaptive Athlete on Earth following the inclusion and enthusiasm of the 2021 Adaptive Open.

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