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Who Made it to the CrossFit Games from the Last Chance Qualifier?

Well folks that’s it! After a month of Semifinals, this weekend was the final chance for athletes to make it to the CrossFit Games in Madison at the end of the month. Here’s who qualified to the CrossFit Games from the Last Chance Qualifier.

33 men and 34 women took on four workouts over the weekend, with just two athletes from each individual division joining the Semifinal winners at the Games.

The final scores for all four events are still being finalised, but here are the unofficial results.

Who Made the CrossFit Games from the Last Chance Qualifier: Men

1.Roman Khrennikov332
2.Alexandre Caron312
3.Tyler Christophel304
4.Taylor Self275
5.Khan Porter272
Top 5 in the Last Chance Qualifier (Men)

Russian athlete Roman Khrennikov dominated the LCQ, winning workouts 1 & 4 to earn his ticket to the Games. He is followed by Canadian Alexandre Caron, who remained constant enough throughout the weekend to take the second Games invite.

It was a disappointing finish to the season for Spencer Panchik, who was hoping to make the Games from the Last Chance Qualifier to join his brother’s Scott and Saxon this year. He came 14th overall despite a solid 6th place finish in the 100 burpees for time.

Event 2 was a 3-rep max deadlift which put some absolutely enormous strength on display, with the top weight deadlifted coming from Greek athlete Ioannis Papadopoulos, who shifted a huge 595lbs.

Who Made the CrossFit Games from the Last Chance Qualifier: Women

1.Emma Tall344
2.Kristi Eramo O’Connell328
3.Madeline Sturt262
4.Karin Freyová261
5.Matilde Garnes260
Top 5 in the Last Chance Qualifier (Women)

Following her dramatic Semifinal performance at the German Throwdown, Emma Tall just managed to slip into the Games following an overall win at the LCQ. The Swedish athlete whose score adjustment took her out of the Top 5 proved that she deserves her ticket to the Games following consistently high finishes in all four events.

Tall was closely followed by Games veteran Kristi Eramo O’Connell, who just missed out on the Games at the Granite Games last month. She had a slow start in Event 1, but a first place finish in Event 3 & 4 secured her her spot right behind Tall.

In the 3-rep deadlift Spain’s Oihana Moya earned an event win with a massive 392lb lift.

Score Adjustments

So far there have only been three adjustments to the scores as the submitted footage is examined.

Men’s Event 1

  • Ioannis Papadopoulos: Time adjusted +1-sec. to reflect accurate finish time.
  • Luke Fiso: +20-sec. penalty for failing to clearly bring the dumbbell over the middle of the body during lockout of the dumbbell hang snatches.

Women’s Event 2

  • Matilde Garnes: Score adjusted to 345 lb. to reflect accurate kg to lb. conversion.

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