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CROSSFIT NEWS – Scary Message from Dave Castro for EVERY Athlete Competing in the 2018 Open

If you are competing in the Open this year, you need to hear Dave's warning. Consider this your Athletes briefing...

Dave Castro, Director of the CrossFit Games and architect of the workouts for the 2018 CrossFit Open, loves a bit of scaremongering. In the video below he explains what you can get ready to expect with the 2018 Open.

In a similar style to his inaugural athlete speeches before each CrossFit Games, he is setting the bar high for this year. In previous years at The Games he even warned athletes to look out for Sharks in the Sea during the swimming events. Check it out and start getting pumped for the first workout!

If you still feel a bit anxious about the Open, this article will help:

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Additionally, we put together a collection of exercises that have commonly been seen each year in at least one of the WODs. so that can help as well:

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