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Dubai CrossFit Championship is Live – How to Watch, Schedule and Workouts

Now on its second year as a sanctioned event, the Dubai CrossFit Championship kicked off this morning.

Playing host to top names like Jamie Greene, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Sam Briggs and Katrin Davidsdottir on the women’s side, as well as Pat Vellner, Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson, Roman Khrennikov and Brent Fikowski on the men’s, the competition is sure to be exciting and fierce.

The prize purse for winners is incredibly high, with first place taking $50,000 home.


How to watch the Dubai CrossFit Championship

You can watch the action play out live on either the CrossFit Games website or the Dubai CrossFit Championship YouTube channel. Just follow the links below:

Bill Grundler,Chase Ingraham and Niki Brazier will be calling the action for the live stream.

Dubai CrossFit Championship Schedule

The Sanctional kicks off on Wednesday December 11 and runs through to Saturday December 14.


Dubai (GMT +4)

Central European Standard Time (GMT +1)

Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8)

Dec. 11 8-11am 5-8am 8-11pm (Dec 10)
4-8:30pm 1-5:30pm 1-5:30am
Dec. 12 5-8pm 2-5pm 2-5am
Dec. 13 1-9pm 10am-6pm 10pm-6am (Dec 12-Dec 13)
Dec. 14 1-7pm 10am-4pm 10pm-4am (Dec 13-Dec 14)


Dubai CrossFit Championship Workouts

In typical fashion, the events for the Sanctional have been kept secret until the last minute.

Four events have been announced but no workouts have been released for the final day yet.

Workout one:

For time:

  • 20 sandbag cleans
  • 150m swim
  • 10 sandbag cleans
  • 150m swim
  • Five sandbag cleans
  • 150m swim

Time cap: 15 minutes

Workout four

  • One rep max clean and jerk

Workout five

For time, 10 rounds of:

  • Five ring muscle ups
  • 10m handstand walk

Both movements unbroken

Time cap: 10 minutes for men, 15 minutes for women

Workout seven

For time:

  • 50 calorie row
  • 40 wall-balls (30/20lbs)
  • 30 box jump overs (24”/20”)
  • 20m front rack walking lunges (85kg/60kg)
  • 10 rope climbs
  • 25 calorie row
  • 20 wall-balls (30lbs/20lbs)
  • 15 box jump overs (24”/20”)
  • 10m front rack walking lunges (85kg/60kg)
  • Five rope climbs

Time cap: 15 minutes

The team events have been programmed by no other than Rich Froning, who’s currently in Dubai watching the Sanctional play out.



Follow the Dubai CrossFit Championship Instagram account for the latest updates.

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