The Importance of Energy, Strength and Focus for Athletic Performance

The fos BCAA Focus Drink is a refreshing way to ensure that you have these bases covered when you train and compete. With its combination of fructose for energy, 4 Gm of BCAA supplying protein for muscle support and recovery, vitamins and natural caffeine for mental focus, you will be upping your game and allowing yourself to perform to the best of your abilities and beyond.


Focus is absolutely essential for success. If you are distracted, distant, or worrying about other things during a workout, then you will not achieve your full potential with your performance. The ability to concentrate completely on the goal at hand is vital. Each drink contains 105 mg of natural caffeine derived from coffee beans and guarana to enhance mental performance.

Visualisation Techniques for Mental Focus

Visualising ourselves successfully completing a workout, lift or movement before we actually do it is a great tactic to use in order to succeed. This method is called visualisation. We psychologically prime our mind for what we are about to do, and exactly how we are going to overcome the challenge that lies ahead.

In order to be able to do this properly, any athlete must block out the surrounding distractions and focus completely. Concentrating solely on the task at hand will help to calm your mind and this increased mental focus can often give you an edge over your competitors.

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Focus well and become a better athlete

Set Long Term Goals and Trust in the Process

Long term goal setting is another highly important aspect of focus. Visualisation techniques work well for the moment at hand, but they can also be used effectively for longer term goals

All progress is a journey, and it is pertinent to understand and enjoy both the process and the results. Small incremental steps in your workouts, nutrition and mentality will add up to big changes over time, and this has never been truer than in your training.


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Energy is essential for strength work. Without effective energy to fuel your body you will not perform to the best of your ability, especially when it comes to strength work. Strength and focus are also interlinked as strength work requires pure focus. Think of the acute concentration that is needed to hit a new 1RM Squat PR for example. Because fos BCAA Focus Drink contains an isotonic amount of fructose (fruit sugar) it will supply you with the physical energy that you need to complete each movement, and the mental focus to stay alert.

The last time you hit a Snatch PR, or strung together that new PR of unbroken Muscle Ups, was your mind distracted? Or was it fully focused on the task at hand, your movement and destroying your own limits? I guess the latter would be true.

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Train hard, compete with passion and recover properly


fos BCAA Focus Drink is also useful for your strength and performance gains because of the 4 gram serving of BCAA that can be found in every can. BCAAs are the basic building blocks of proteins and proteins increase muscle recovery and growth over time. They are formed from:

  • L-Leucine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Valine

These amino acids are essential because they cannot be synthesised by the body, therefore they must come from dietary sources. They can be consumed both pre and post workout.


An often underrated element of fitness, accuracy is closely linked with focus and efficiency. Think about all your movement patterns and form for different exercises. The more effective you are and accurate your form is, the less energy you use and the less likely you are to injury yourself due to bad form. When this transfers across for longer WODs involving Snatch Ladders or high rep sets of Wall Balls for example, the importance of accuracy and efficiency is amplified. Anyone can do 10 Wall Balls with good form, but what about 100 or 200? Acute focus and accuracy on every rep can help to improve your times, and make you into a better athlete.

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Integrity and accuracy of form is vital for long term success

focus helps to improve accuracy, fos BCAA drink improves focus. This involves everything from being technically accurate with a lift or gymnastic exercise, right through to strategising WODs with a clear and focused mind. Accuracy of movement and form is vital for success.



Quality healthy and natural ingredients are used, and extra vitamins are added. The amount of fructose is equal to that of isotonic drinks. Fructose results in a lower glucose rise in the blood compared to foods containing sucrose or glucose.


Alongside Niacin, Vitamin B1, folic acid, biotin and vitamin B12, it proves 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. Helps Protection of cell constituents from oxidative damage that arise during training.


Protein for muscle growth and recovery. Vegan amino acids.

Natural Caffeine

105 mg natural caffeine – derived from coffee beans and guarana for mental performance. Sustainable and natural.

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All good athletes know that in order to succeed, you need to create the right conditions for success, so fuel your mental and physical performances properly, and become a better athlete.

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