European Crossfitters
Source: CrossFit Inc

Europe Will Be Split into 2 Regions for The 2018 Regionals

Many more European athletes will now be able to make it to The CrossFit Games.

During the cool down show after the 2017 CrossFit Invitational, Dave Castro announced some big changes that will be taking place during the 2018 CrossFit season. Europe will now be split into two regions.

He didn’t disclose the exact details but outlined that northern Europe will be given its own competition, and southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa will be the geographical regions that make up the second Meridian Regional. 

The Regionals format will be restructured to create a more international distribution of Athletes that will then be able to make it to the CrossFit Games.

  • Previously North America sent 30 people to The Games, now it will only have 25 spots
  • The rest of the world had 10 spots, but Dave Castro has increased that to 15 spots

@bk_gudmundsson finding out Europe and Africa Regions are parting ways ✌️#CrossFitGames

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