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Latin America Will Get it’s Own Regional for The 2018 CrossFit Games Season

After the conclusion of the 2017 CrossFit Invitational, Dave Castro made several anouncements about how the system will be restructured for next year. 

One of these included the news that Latin America will now be given its own Regional. There is a wealth of talent emerging from the countries of south and central America and that has been taken into proper consideration by The Director of The Games. Despite this, there will only be a single qualifying spot for the male and female winners. This means that there will be at least two Latin American athletes at The 2018 CrossFit Games. 


In other news from his announcement, Dave Castro also announced that The Meridian Regional will be split into two areas in order to accommodate the high number of excellent athletes that are competing in that part of the world. For all the full information, check out the link below:

Europe Will Be Split into 2 Regions for The 2018 Regionals

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