7 Problems that Female Crossfitters Face

Generally, being a Crossfit Girl is awesome, and I'm sure everyone who trains at a Box regularly would agree to that. However, as with all great things in life, there is a downside to the glory of being a woman who trains mean...


While your friends sustain themselves on a granola bar, air and half a skinny frappucchino, having those muscles takes fuel. So for us female Crossfitters, ordering just a salad on a date to look

cute? After that gruelling WOD?

Not happening!

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Nadja is a business student in Berlin and currently interning at the BOXROX editorial office. She's been doing Crossfit for the better part of a year now and lives with a vegan, so she's mostly busy working out, experimenting with healthy plant-based eating, and annoying people at parties.


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