8 Best Functional Arm Exercises for Stronger Biceps and Triceps

Train like a pro!

These functional arm exercises for stronger biceps and triceps will help you combine performance and aesthetics for your body.

They are selected, performed and written about by Marcus Filly.

1. Functional Arm Exercises – Tripod DB Elbowing Row

“The main cue is to keep your upper arm at approximately a 90 degree angle to your torso and drive the elbow wide instead of back.”
“Contrary to a traditional dumbbell row, during the elbowing row you allow the elbow to come out to the side away from the body. This takes the muscle in focus from the lat to the rear deltoid. Think of your elbow out perpendicular to your body.”
This is a great movement to use within push & pull supersets or as part of a warm-up.”

2. Kettlebell Pullover

“The Dumbbell or KB Pullover is a great tool to help you develop thoracic extension as well as shoulder flexion. Yes it also builds the lats and triceps well, but the combination of mobility gains in the mentioned areas makes it a favorite of mine.”
“To ensure you get the most benefit from this exercise, when you lay over your bench, try to bring your hips below the level of the bench and when you reach the dumbbell over your head, try to drop it below the level of the bench as well. Hips and dumbbells below the bench on either side will likely mean great range of motion benefits.”

kettlebell workout for crossfit athletes Functional Arm Exercises -Source: Unsplash

3. Functional Arm Exercises – Sandbag Bear Hug Hold

“Isometric holds are underrated! They may not be as sexy as a snatch or muscle up, but they are generally safe and so effective for building strength.”
“Odd object training is also a fun way to mix up your typical loading, and you may uncover surprising weaknesses to work on.”

4. Functional Arm Exercises – Heel Sit Landmine Press

“Changing your body’s position as you press will recruit different muscles to help keep you stable. And becoming more aware of how you use your body in different positions will translate to better coordination as you move your body through space.”

“Experiment: set up a landmine or wedge a barbell on the floor, and try:
Standing Landmine Press
Seated Landmine Press
Half Kneeling Landmine Press
Tall Kneeling Landmine Press
Heel Sit Landmine Press
Z Landmine Press”

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