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Gensan Italian Showdown 2018 – Prove Yourself, Live in Milan

More than just another throwdown.

The Gensan Italian Showdown has grown to be the biggest gathering of fitness enthusiasts in Europe, attracting thousands of people in 2017:

  • 1.000 competitors on-site
  • 250 affiliates from 22 countries
  • 6.850 visitors in 3 days
  • 1.200.000+ video views
  • 10.000.000+ social reaches
  • Seen on Sky Sports and national TV

The reason of this huge success is due to the very unique format of this competition: there is no video qualification and all the registrants take part in the live event, no matter their age or skill level. Everybody can participate and feel the energy of the game field!

For the 2018 edition of the Gensan Italian Showdown 1.000 spots will be assigned on the 4th of December 2017 on a first-come first-served basis: the first 1.000 registrants will be admitted directly to the live qualifications that will take place in Milan on Friday the 27th of April 2018.

In order to ensure a fair competition, all the participants will know in advance the WODs and the movement standards: the qualifying workouts will be released on the official website starting from the 6th of November 2017 and will be based on the 3-minutes ON & 1-minute OFF template.

thuriSource: Gensan Italian Showdown 2018
The Gensan Italian Showdown 2018 workouts will be demonstrated by the 6 times CrossFit Games finalsit Thuri Helgadottir.


The first major change of the 2018 edition is the new POINT-BASED system of the qualification phase: athletes must face 3 max effort workouts FOR POINTS and can choose their favorite movement out of 2 pre-selected exercises: the regular skill will give 1 point/rep, the more advanced skill will give 10 points/rep.

In this way each competitor is free to prove his real value from the very first day and the ranking will be more accurate. The ranking of day-1 determines who will move on the next stage of the competition: the best 240 competitors from all age divisions will be admitted to the Semi-finals and will face 3 WODs on Saturday and at least 2 WODs on Sunday.

Wall BallsSource: Gensan Italian Showdown
The workouts in full flow.


Another great change is the UNIQUE CATEGORY: all the qualified athletes will move on the next stage of the competition in an OPEN skill category, split in 4 age divisions based on the following quotas:

  • Senior (20-34): 100M + 60F
  • Junior (15-19): 10M + 10F
  • Master35 (35-39): 20M + 10F
  • Master40 (40+): 20M + 10F

For each age division there will be 3 RX workouts accompanied by Scaled versions: competitors unable to perform a workout as prescribed may still remain in the competition by choosing the scaled version and will be ranked on the leaderboard below those who performed as RX.

This system is designed to give competitors a second chance to prove their real value, allowing them to finish the Semi-finals with any combination of RX and Scaled workouts.

nocutSource: Gensan Italian Showdown
There will be no cut after day-1, all the 240 qualified athletes will move on to the finals of the Gensan Italian Showdown 2018.


The best 3 athletes of the Junior and Masters divisions will take the podium and will be awarded with a 1-year sponsorship contract offered by Gensan, valued at 1.000€ for the 1st, 750€ for the 2nd and 500€ for the 3rd place.

The best 5 athletes of the Senior division will have to face the Showdown before taking the podium and winning the cash prizes offered by the title sponsor of the event: 3.000€ for the 1st, 1.250€ for the 2nd and 750€ for the 3rd place.

The last workout will be based on multiple tests and scores: the MULTIPLE SCORES system will allow the athletes admitted to the Showdown to earn enough points to shake up the leaderboard and fight until the very last rep.

Muscle UpsSource: Gensan Italian Showdown
Muscle ups during the competition.


Thanks to Milan Malpensa International Airport, which is only a 10-minute car ride away, the Gensan Italian Showodown can be easily reached by flying with any low-cost airline in Europe. The venue is also easily accessible with the public transports and a nearby partner hotel is available within walking distance, with many other hotels offering special rates located just few kilometers away.

kikiSource: Gensan Italian Showdown
The Gensan Italian Showdown 2018 will be presented for the second year in a row by Zoran Filicic and Kiki Dickson.

To attend the events, spectators must hold a valid ticket (except children up to 12 years of age). Tickets can be purchased on site or pre-ordered on line.  By purchasing a ticket, spectators will get full access to the venue all day long, including the following services:

  • free seats in the gallery (not reserved)
  • shopping area with top brands
  • healthy restaurant and coffee bar
  • outdoor street food court
  • indoor relax and dining area
  • leisure activities and games
  • spectators training zone

Each athlete registered for the competition can attend all the events and will get an additional FREE pass for an accompanying person valid on 27-28-29 April 2018.

Registration fee is 55€ and includes a free pass for an accompanying person and a goodie package from our sponsors. Registration opening: December 4, 2017 at noon.

The event is sponsored by Gensan, Inov-8, RockTape, FitAID and Compex. Many other international top brands will be present in the vendors village.







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