Sara Sigmundsdottir Explains What Went Wrong at The CrossFit Invitational

“I´m not one to be making excuses but i feel I need to do so now. I arrived in Australia a week ago. I felt great when I arrived but then on the second night I caught some kind of a bug and after that a good fever kicked in. I did not get out of bed that whole day. I missed my first team training and could not afford to miss another one even though I was far from being ok?
On competition day I felt reasonably fresh. I thought to myself that the worst was over and the adrenaline rush of competing would do the trick. That´s how I managed in the DBX competition in Dubai last year so I thought that I could do it again?
I was feeling ok in the first event but after that I just completely crashed. Nauseous, dizzy and shaking so much. I tried to push trough it but I was WAY OFF and my team suffered because of it. I am devastated to have let them down. We had such good team morale and would have given anything to be 100% and kicking ass with them. @BK_Gudmundsson@AnnieThorisdottir@J_Smithsa and @BicepsLikeBriggs; hopefully one day I´ll get the chance to compete with you guys again and make up for this. Thank you for being so supportive and understanding❤️
Being a driven competitor has it´s ups and downs. I have learned that the hard way. This effectively being the start of the new Crossfit season is not ideal but it certainly serves as a great motivator to me. Next up is the DBX in Dubai and I´ll be fired up and ready to rock once that time comes?”

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