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7 Important Gymnastic Exercises ALL Crossfitters Need to Master!


A great exercise for working the triceps, chest and shoulder muscles in one movement without targeting any one particular muscle group in isolation.

ring dips crossfit athleteSource: RX'd Photography
Get this basic but important exercise mastered

How to perform dips:

  • Start in the support position with the elbows locked and hands turned out
  • Emphasize a long neck and hollow body position
  • Initiate the dip by sending the shoulder forward
  • Reach the bottom of the dip with your shoulder below the elbow (just like proper squat position with the hip below knee)
  • Press back up and finish in the same strong support position in which you started

Perfecting the technique

The biggest mistake with dips is letting the shoulder move forward as you go down. It protrudes out of its socket. This puts a tremendous amount of stress on the shoulder joint and its muscles.

If you want to make dips safer for the shoulders, make sure to lower yourself while keeping the shoulder joint in its socket. Do that by contracting the upper back as you go down. Pinch your shoulder blades together so that you could clamp something in between.

Crossfit training dips to help you master dips 

Now to finish with one of the most advanced gymnastic exercises there is in Crossfit, time to stretch your limits…

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