10 High-Calorie Cheat Meals You Might Want To Stay Away From

These are the foods, you don't want to eat. At least not on daily basis. We did a quick research on the top 10 high-calorie products you should definitely not put into your diet too often.

By now you know how the healthy foods look like: Paleo, Zone, eating healthy, intermittent fasting… What about the so called unhealthy ones? Or as athletes like to label them the cheat meals?

We all have a sweet tooth for some candies and pastries. In moderate amounts or on occasional basis, that’s perfectly fine. But have you ever checked the nutritional data behind those products? Some information might shock you. Here we present 10 High-Calorie Cheat Meals you should, at least most of the time, stay away from.      

1. Cronuts

This recipe, comes from New York, conquered the world in no time. A cronut is a combination of a Croissant and a Donut. It comes in many shapes and varieties, but one thing is clear: the mouthwatering pastry comes with aprrox. 1300 calories per serving! Nevertheless, people stand in line for hours to get one.


Credits: Photopin.com / Womenshealthmag.com

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