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How to Do Butterfly Pull Ups

Or better known as butterfly pull ups. Opposed to the regular pull-ups, butterflies are a compound exercise, which means less isolating and more full-body engaging movements.

How-To Butterfly Pull Up is presented together with our friends from Scitec nutrition.

1. The set up

Jump up, grab the bar with your hands positioned past shoulder width.


2. The movement

Start the movement by swinging your feet backwards (bend your knees if necessary, but try to keep them straight, your core fully engaged and your body tight). Kick the legs down and forward. Use the hips to swing your body up and create the weightless moment where you’ll able to efficiently pull yourself up.



This movement takes your body from global extension to global flexion. Opposed to the kipping pull up, where you move backward to get back to the starting point, with butterflies you are moving forward and through.

3. Tighten the glutes

When we say “use the hips”, we usually mean the glutes – large, powerful group of muscles which consists of gluteus maximus muscle, gluteus medius muscle, gluteus minimus muscle and tensor fasciae latae muscle. They enable us to bend and straighten the hips and produce the explosive jumping power, or in our case, the explosive “kipping” power. Gluteus maximums is considered to be one of the strongest muscles of the human body, which means that by engaging it during the butterfly pull-ups, you’ll be able to produce a bigger power for the movement.

4. Engage the core

When we talk about core, we usually mean the muscles around belly, mid and lower back and all of them which have the role of stabilizing the spine. Core has many beneficial functions: one of them is keeping us stabilized. The other one is force generating. Tight core will enable you to produce a higher power when kicking down and up with your legs during the butterfly pull ups. It will also help not bending your knees too much, but keep your whole body tight. See Carl Paoli Butterfly pull-up instructions.

5. WODs with pull ups

for time
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Regionals EVENT 7:
For time:
64 pull-ups
8 overhead squats, (92/61 kg)

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