Martin can be found mostly behind a camera at events around Europe, his visual style is recognised by many and runs through the website. Martin is also a CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) and CrossFit Gymnastics trainer and has done Crossfit for more than 3 years.


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5 Reasons Crossfitters Struggle With Toes To Bar

Toes To Bar are a gymnastic movement which starts with hanging from the bar and involves kicking your legs up to touch the metal before bringing them back down again

Clean and Jerk: Improve and Perform

Due to its athletic, mental and technical demands, Olympic weightlifting is considered to be one of the most admirable sports. The Clean and Jerk is a cornerstone of this discipline, and features heavily within Crossfit.

5 Steps to Perfect your Butterfly Pull Ups

Chased by time caps and enhanced with a high volume, Crossfit workouts force us to make things more efficient. For that reason the evolution of functional fitness gave us the “butterflies”.

5 Ways to Improve your American Kettlebell Swing

The perfect exercise to train the complete posterior chain, strengthen your posture and work on your overall strength and conditioning.

5 Steps to Perfecting your Power Clean

Power Cleans are important to master because Crossfit workouts often demand high rep sets of snatch and clean & jerk, make sure your technique is efficient, strong and not likely to cause harm.

5 Steps to Perfect your Muscle Up Skills

The Ring Muscle Up is an impressive skill to master, and requires strength, technique and coordination to perform properly. Here is how to get them right.

How-to Burpee – Movement Series – No.2

Burpees are not always fun but you need to know how to perform the movement right. That's why BOXROX in collaboration with WODevents presents the “how to” burpee video.

3 Simple Steps to Improve your Back Squat

Get Strong and build mental toughness with the king of strength exercises

CrossFit Clitheroe Uncovered – A community comes together to support one of it’s own

We were asked to help a member of CrossFit Clitheroe spread the word about their charity event, an 'Uncovered' calendar featuring CrossFitters from their...

The Rainhill Trials – Manchester event

What a great day at Manchester. The Rainhill Trials was organised by the guys at Train Manchester and welcomed a whole host of boxes,...

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