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How to Get a Bigger Butt – Maximise your Power, Performance and Aesthetics

Build a better booty.

Learn how to get a bigger butt with this excellent video from Athlean-X. It will also explain how better developed; stronger glutes will help you elevate your abilities as an athlete.

Over to Jeff…

How to Get a Bigger Butt

Firstly, he explains WHY this is important.

“As a strength coach, the importance of building bigger, stronger glutes comes from how much strength and explosive power comes from these muscles.

The muscles in your backside play an essential part in balance, change of direction, running, and jumping. By increasing the strength of the gluteus muscles, your butt will not just look better, but they will help you to perform better overall as an athlete.

Another benefit of building a nice butt comes from the physical therapist perspective.

Glutes How to Get a Bigger ButtSource: Photos courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Having weak glutes can lead to pain and injuries throughout the body.

Those with weak glutes are prone to lower back pain, hip tightness, and hamstring injuries because these muscles are taking on the brunt of the load that is supposed to be supported by the muscles in the butt.

Having stronger glutes will help to alleviate some of these issues as they will be able to take on the load that they were meant too.

What Glute Exercises are Good?

“To help develop a nicer, stronger butt; I recommend that you include the Pullthrough into your training. Start by setting the cable at a low anchor point, grabbing the rope between your legs and stepping out from the machine.

Without moving your arms, hip hinge back and allowing the weight to pull your hands back towards the machine. Leaning forward slightly to counterbalance the weight pulling you back, squeeze your glutes to stand straight up. Don’t allow your torso to move backwards at all. If you look from the side, it will look just like you are standing up from a squat.

Your shoulders should not move from a vertical line, just like proper bar path. You can also perform this exercise with a band, if a cable machine is not available. By including the Pullthrough into your training, you will notice improved carryover strength to other lifts.”

How to Get a Bigger Butt – Video

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Add Nordic Curls and the Reverse Hyper into your training.

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