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Important Morning Stretches to Fix Achy Shoulders, Tight Hips and Stiff Back

Perform this routine daily and reduce discomfort.

If you wake up with the discomforts described above you’ll want to give these morning stretches a go. It’s not unusual for people who work out to feel tight hips, a stiff back, or achy shoulders the day after their training session.

Morning stretches can help loosen up the body before you start your day, release tension, and increase blood flow.

woman does hip opening exercises at homeSource: Photo by Marta Wave from Pexels

Stiffness and tension in your muscles can reduce your flexibility and range of motion. Stretching can help them stay flexible and healthy, as well as decrease muscle soreness, and can help prevent injury.

Jeff Cavaliere, pro athlete and physical therapists, breaks down his favourite four morning stretches to relieve discomfort at the start of every day.

4 important morning stretches

  1. Hip Hinge
  2. Squat with Forearm Stretch
  3. Assisted Overhead Leaning Lunge
  4. Standing Shoulder Stretch with Stick

Hip hinge

This dynamic stretch will help lengthen your tight hamstrings and reinforce good movement patterns for when you train.

Perform around 15 reps.

Squat with forearm stretch

Drop into a deep squat and place your forearms between your legs, with your palms flat on the floor, fingers facing backwards.

This static stretch will target your forearms, upper arms, hip flexors, and groin area. Try to keep your chest up and heels on the ground, which can help with calf tightness.

Stay in this position for around 20 seconds.

Assisted overhead leaning lunge

Grab a stick, plant it on the ground, and lunge so your front leg falls on the inside of the stick. Bring your back knee down and push your hips forward. Reach to the top of the stick with your hands and twist towards the side of your front leg.

This is a fantastic morning stretch for the hips, upper legs, and the sides of your upper body. If you have troubles with your knees use a small support under your back knee.

Do this on both side for around 30 seconds each.

Standing shoulder stretch with stick

This stretch with produce a fantastic posterior delt rotation and bring relief to your upper back.

Hold this stretch for around 30 secounds.

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Watch Jeff Cavaliere demonstrate the 4 morning stretches

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