The Most Impressive Lifts from Larry Wheels

Larry Wheels is a professional powerlifter, bodybuilder, strongman, and wrestler who currently holds two world records.

Larry Wheels is a muscle machine who can inspire other bodybuilders and powerlifters with his dedication and consistency in the gym. Check out these impressive lifts from him.

Born in the Bronx, New York, Larry Williams slowly, but surely, transformed his body into a lifting machine and adopted the nickname Wheels.

He currently holds two raw world records in the 140-kilogram weight class for the bench press and total, according to Open Powerlifting.

  • Bench press – 292.5 kg (644.9 lbs)
  • Total – 1,075 kg (2,370 lbs)

According to an interview with Muscle and Fitness, Larry Wheels lived a poor young life with his single mother and jumped from temporary house to temporary house. He had no way to attend school (either a French-language institution or a private school his mom couldn’t afford), so he spent his early juvenile days working out outside. He soon found out he couldn’t go a day without working out and became the sheer force he is now.

Fast forward 20 years and Larry became a household name in the fitness world. He is a professional powerlifter, bodybuilder, strongman, arm wrestler and has a strong social media presence with 5 million people following him on Instagram and YouTube combined.

And you will soon realise why people follow him on those channels.

Larry Wheels’ Impressive Lifts

Bench Press One Person Per Arm

Best Total in Sleeves of All Time

One Barbell Per Arm

700 lbs Deadlift – 10 Reps

550lb Incline Dumbbell Press

12 Reps of 220 kg Decline Bench Press

50 kg Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Larry Wheels Arm Wrestles Hafthor Bjornsson

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Who is Larry Wheels?

Larry Wheels, real name Larry Williams, is a professional powerlifter, bodybuilder, arm wrestler, born in the Bronx, New York.

How old is Larry Wheels?

He was born on December 3rd, 1994. In 2022 he will turn 28 years old.

How tall is Larry Wheels?

He is 185 cm tall (6’1’’).

How much does Larry Wheels weigh?

He weighs 124 kilograms (275 pounds).

Does Larry Wheels use steroids?

Larry Wheels has opened up about using steroids and said anabolic steroids were a better option than using hard drugs (which he was addicted to at the age of 16).

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