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Janelle Stites Banned from Competition; Team CrossFit Reignited Wilmington Invited to the Games

Janelle Stites is part of team On Track who had its CrossFit Games invitation revoked due to her breach of drug policy.

CrossFit has reviewed Janelle Stites appeal and decided to enforce a ban on the athlete from competition until January 21, 2023, due to a breach of its drug policy. Team On Track, which she is part of and had qualified for the CrossFit Games, has had its Games invitation revoked and Team CrossFit Reignited Wilmington will head to Madison, Wisconsin.

Janelle Stites (formerly Shafer) and team On Track will not be heading to the CrossFit Games despite finishing in 5th place at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. The athlete was currently under sanctions from USADA in the sport of weightlifting for testing positive for Ostarine, an anabolic agent. CrossFit recognised the violation from USADA and extended it to CrossFit’s competitions.

Janelle Stites (Shafer) drug policy breachSource: Instagram

The case was appealed by Janelle Stites, but CrossFit has issued a statement informing the athlete and her team was no longer #GamesBound.

”The appeal has been reviewed. The USADA sanction will stand, and Stites will not be eligible to compete in any CrossFit Games competition until January 21, 2023. Her team will not be eligible to advance to the CrossFit Games,” the press release states.

Team CrossFit Reignited Wilmington Invited to the Games

Since Janelle Stites’ team has had its Games invitation revoked, the 6th place has been invited. Team CrossFit Reignited Wilmington. CrossFit announced the change in a press release.

”CrossFit Reignited Wilmington, the team out of CrossFit Reignited ILM that took sixth place at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge in May, has been invited to compete at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games following the disqualification of fifth-place qualifying team On Track.”

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